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Implications for Social Wellness and Development

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I chose this article because it was very interesting to me. When you are growing out of adolescence into adulthood, you never think of the psychology that is involved in your growing. You don’t think about how and what influences the person you are becoming or the person that you want to be when you reach adulthood. During this stage of social development, you learn more about what you like, how you love and the actual wellness that you are working toward.

Most people will never think of this, they think that life is life and that you are just supposed to live it. They have no idea of the development and the consequences that could come from poor judgment. I know that I never thought of this and it took me until I was 23 years old to figure out what I wanted out of my life because before that I just coasted through it carelessly, never worrying about the consequences.

The major problem with this is that when an adolescent graduates high school, most of them move out of their parents’ home and into their own apartment or into a dorm. There, they basically have no rules and don’t have to worry about the consequences of their actions. If I had to write a research paper on this subject, I would definitely use this article. There is so much information throughout; there are even diagrams and illustrations.

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I found the diagram The Indivisible Self: An Evidence-Based Model of Wellness very informative and interesting. There was also the purpose of study and hypothesis where there were five hypotheses, the method and the instruments used to conduct this study. The subscales were very informative as well. The results and the discussion were also very stimulating. I find that psychology is a very complex study that requires much critical thinking but I am loving this subject. You learn so much about yourself and everyone around you.

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