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Human Resource Letter Analysis

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DATE:October 28, 2012 TO:Yasmin Qajar FROM:Nevin Svane Rosner, Human Resource. SUBJECT:Tuition Reimbursement Change of Benefits. Middleton Bank has always encouraged its employees to seek any and all educational wishes and desired as this has a positive effect on the company. Learning a new skill is important to the employees and the company. Like many other companies including most of our competitors, we are forced to reduce spending due to current economic status of the financial world as well as the community.

We would love to continue to offer tuition reimbursement benefits for all of our employees but at this point we can no longer offer these benefits. We will be able to offer low interest flex spending accounts and student loans, which will allow employees the financial help and financial flexibility to gain more education as desired. We are also making our company discounts with many of our partners available to our employees this includes barns and Nobel and many of our local book stores.

We are aware that with cost of living as well as tuition fees increasing, this may have a negative effect on our team, we are hoping with the other services we can offer to keep this affect at a minimal. We have stayed committed to our employees and a high level of customer service for many years and we can only hope this change is not permanent.

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We have attached a list of business that offer Middleton Bank and its employees a discount, by showing your employee ID. If you would like to take advantage of the student loans, or flex spending accounts. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Human Resource during business hours at 425-244-6000 or if you would like to take advantage of the new benefits. Nevin Svane Rosner Nevin Svane Rosner Human resources

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