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How to Read like a Professor

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Blake Allen How to Read Literature like a Professor Foster Allen Introduction memory symbol pattern These basic examples of literary analysis can be found in most literature from Lice's Adventures in Wonderland to Paper town. Every Trip is a Quest "a sequester, a place to go, a stated reason, challenges and trials en route, and a real reason" real reason is always self-knowledge In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo goes to the Caplet party because his friends dragged him along but the real reason was so that he could meet Juliet. Nice to eat with you "whenever people eat or drink together, it's communion" nominally of everyone is food ... ND death/life In The Great Gatsby when Tom Buchanan takes Nick Caraway out to drink with his friends, we learn just how pubic Tom's life really is. Nice to eat You Vampires: selfishness, exploitation, a refusal to respect the autonomy of other people Ghosts and vampires are never only about ghosts and vampires older figure representing corrupt values; virginal female; strapping her youth, energy, virtue; continuance of life for the old male; death/destruction of female In The Scarlet Letter, Roger Chlorinating can be considered a vampire haunting Hester.

He wants revenge for his wife's betrayal. He is a scholar and uses his knowledge to disguise himself as a doctor, intent on discovering and tormenting Hester anonymous lover instead of revealing himself for years. Where have I seen Her Before "there's no such thing as a wholly original work of literature" "there's only one story" Character's must be great in their own right before being compared to more famous characters I connect Jane Ere to Hester from The Scarlet Letter because while both Characters can stand tall on their own they desire a man to stand with them and for them.

It's from Shakespeare Even in just everyday speech we use Shakespeare- "To thin own self be true" sounds smarter, gives authority In the film "Band of Brothers" the Saint Crisping Day Speech from Henry V becomes the inspiration for the squad to carry on. "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers" Or The Bible Innocence, The Fall, serpents, apples, gardens,... Timelessness, archetypal In Everlasting Tuck there are several times when a character is led only by a mysterious fire in the distance much like the Israelites were led in the exodus of Egypt.

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Handled and Graduated Kid stories build the basis of our themes Their usually about morals Sleeping Beauty can be interpreted to mean a girl avoiding growing up by sleeping until a prince comes to "rescue" her from childhood. It's Greek to Me myth is a body of story that matters-patterns common to usual life Johnny Terrain, a character set after Paul Revere, had an "Achilles heal" that has crippled so many characters and people alike; Fear. Even when a trust- worthy doctor offers to fix his injured hand, he is too afraid to admit the truth of how he injured himself.

More than Just Rain It's never just rain-cleansing, death, rebirth, desolation, replenishment... Jane Ere is always the personification of the weather, whether its a cloudy foreshadowing or a red dawn behind a burning castle. Never Stand Next to the Hero action always leads to change-grow, learn, mature Characters are not people... They are products of writers and readers imagination Charge of the Light Brigade depicts a loyal brigade that, even when it is clear that they are going to die, give their lives when their leader is given a mistaken order to charge on. .. More than It's Ghana Hurt You Character caused-shooting, stabbing, bombing... (moves plot) Author caused-meaning behind shooting stabbing... Meaning behind) When Jeanie has to shoot Tea Cake in Their eyes were Watching God she waited until he tried to shoot her four times, as the first three were blanks it didn't entirely set in too her that it was her life or Tea Cakes and the fact that she waited for the fourth shot may have meant she wanted to die with tea cake then live without him.

It's All Political Political writing-writing that engages the realities of its world A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist are strong examples of the depiction of the need for public services in 1 sass England She's a Christ figure, too mounded hands, feet, side, self-sacrifice, good with children, carpenter, forgiving, redeemer... Gangland in Lord of the Rings can be a Christ figure because he scarifies himself with his arms out stretched to save the world from the wrath of Sorry and is resurrected to continue to help Bilbo Basins destroy the ring.

Flights of Fancy Flight is Freedom irony trumps everything In the The myth of Deals and Cirrus, Deals made wings for himself and his son but his sun flew to high and was burnt up by the sun, Apollo, then he fell into the ocean. It's All about Sex.. Nothing isn't a sex implication In Jane Ere she is often depicted in relation to wide rolling landscapes while inside the tall towering castle of Edward Rochester. ...

Except Sex Sex is about pleasure, love, sacrifice, and/or submission When Jeanie first discovers sex under the pear tree feels sets a standard of love for the rest of her life and compares all men to her first time Geography matters... Where? -location in relation to hills, valleys, chasms, mountains, seas, islands, people, north, south, east, west space taken up or empty when writers send characters south, it's So they can run amok The location Of

Genie's home throughout the book gives a relation of how society saw her status; the average life at nanny's and Logan Clicks were ground level homes, at Judo's, her room was on the second story of her home so that even when she slept she was above the townspeople, and with Tea Cake she was below sea-level as she and tea cake didn't own anything. ...

So Does Season New life, adulthood, harvest, death spring, summer, fall, winter In Jane Ere, the "death-white realms" of the arctic that Beck describes is death to a girl aching for freedom Marked for Greatness When a character is flawed, physically or otherwise, it is often a mark that will lead to fame even if it's in infamy. Cackles heal, perhaps the most well known flaw of Greek tragedy, caused the sudden, dramatic downfall of one of the greatest heroes of literature.

He's blind for a reason mammalian Jones principle': if you want your audience to know something important about your character, introduce it early/' A character may chose to ignore or may be ignorant of clearly known facts to the reader: this is blindness Jeanie forces herself to not see the sickness Tea Cake has until he rises to shot her the fourth time and she knows that she cannot ignore that life is really threatened. It's Never Just a Heart Disease Illness is usually a physical manifestation of inner struggle or pain. 1. Not all diseases are equal 2. It should be picturesque 3. Hysterics origin 4. Strong symbolical potential On his death bed, Joe Starks says he did everything he did for Jeanie so that when he was gone she would inherit all he obtain so that she could sit the "high-throne" he built for her even after his death. Don't Read With Your Eyes Analyze with your brain, read through their eyes; see what they see and know hat you know Can this person be saved In Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet, when both Romeo and Juliet see that their respective lover is dead they both personally decide that life sin 't worth the living.

This is a particular contrast in Romeo, as at the beginning, Romeo was in deep grief over another girl but not to the point of suicide. It's my Symbol and I'll cry if I Want too use what you know, every work teaches us how to read it as we go along, you know more than you think you do Everything is a symbol In Animal Farm there is symbolism in the windmill. The windmill represents the exploitation of the dim-witted animals by the pigs.

As the pigs feast, learn, and keep warm most of the animals are starving, have given up on learning and are freezing but never do they question the pigs because when they complete the mill they will have all of that. Is He Serious? And Other Ironies irony gives a second, third.... Layer to text irony may not work for everyone: some miss it The irony of Animal Farm is that, though the animals had revolted due to unfair treatment by humans, in the end the majority were worse off than ever before.

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