History of the Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe

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istory of the Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe In the year 1531, early in the month of December a miracle happened in Tepeyacac, it was said that the miracle illustrious Virgin, Blessed Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady, appeared to a man named Juan Diego. He was a humble Indian who lived in Quahutitlan but was from Tlatilolco. The way the author narrates the beginning of the story is really good. He uses a really sincere tone that makes the story look real and really respectful attitude. The author has a sincere way of telling the story.

He knows how to engage every scene with another one and the setting he describes makes this story so real that the readers get involved really easily on this story. Many readers become part of the story through their imagination and this is a wonderful gift someone can have because being able to feel the story like part of your real life is not easy. He keeps on telling the story and this part is gorgeous. He describes the land and it seems that it looks like wonderland. It is so marvelous and this place is where Juan is going through.

It was a Saturday morning when he was on his way to divine worship based on his custom, when he starts hearing birds singing. The way these birds sing was so beautiful that he thought he was dreaming. He was so amaze about what was happening to him. He makes an exact description of all the setting of this story; imagine every single thing that he was saying. It was stunning. He mentions that she was shining as the sun and that all around her was so bright, all of these are the things that really matters in a story, all the emphasis he puts on it makes it really reliable.

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I really enjoy this part because I feel like if I was in the story, like if I was looking at the flowers and the sun. All the sounds of the birds and the wind were really fantastic and help to imagine how was the land where he was because he even explains that the sounds were coming from the top of the hill, he was greatly rejoiced with all these beautiful sounds that make a wonderful song, suddenly he heard a sweet voice saying: “Juan”, he was so scared and confuse because he was hearing a lot of different noises and even this voice mentions his name so he did not dare to climb to the mountain.

He was just standing looking to the top where he was hearing all these things. He finally decided to climb the hill. He wanted to know who was calling him and why or for what. When he reached the hill he saw on the very top of the hill a beautiful lady. All around her was shining like the sun, there were stones, caves everything was so bright and even the rainbow clothed the land so that the cactus and all other plants that grew there seem like precious gold, Juan Diego was really excited about it, but at the same time he was wondering why that lady did was calling him.

As it is mentioned before the author does a really good narrative of this story by describing all the scenes with a wonderful setting. When he finally got to the top of the hill and talked to this wonderful lady. He was surprised about her and the things that she was telling to him because she talked to him like she loved him. This is one of the parts that should recall because in here the author has a tone he is using is like nostalgia but at the same time he tries to describe how the virgin was talking to Juan like when a mother talks to her son or daughter.

This entire scene was nice, as the author mention Juan felt that this lady loved him, and sure she did because she even says “You must know, and be very certain in your heart, my son, that I am truly the eternal Virgin, holy Mother of the True God”. With this quote we can see how the author tries to sensitize the reader to get the idea that she really loves him and that she is a good person. The author wants us to know how the virgin was a really nice lady. Then they finally started talking and the virgin told Juan what she wanted from him, what she expected him to do, and what she wanted was a church on that hill, exactly where she was.

She wanted a church in where she could show and may make known and give all her love, her mercy, help and protection. She said she was his and everybody else truth his merciful mother who call upon her. In this scene she is explaining Juan why she wanted a church. He tells him to go to the Episcopal Palace of the Bishop of Mexico and tell them what he just saw and what she just told him. She really desired a church in that place so she command Juan Diego to go and tell them to build her one.

He need it to have a lot of confidence on himself in order to convince everybody in the palace of what he was saying, or at least to convince the Bishop. I think that the narrator is really involved in the story but not as a character. The author uses a really good setting because he even portrays real life events and that is what it makes the readers to be involved and interested on the reading. His religion is catholic because of the way he talks about what the virgin want it and what is she going to do with the church.

She wants to be built there; he is very reliable and even thought he is just the narrator he is doing a good job on transmitting all what the virgin says along the story. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a very famous character on the catholic religion and this is a really important fact that helps the author because he is not using non-fictional characters instead he is talking about a really known image. She is known as a nice lady, as a sweet lady who helps everyone and who does miraculous and that you can pray her for something and she will conceive almost whatever you want.

This is what it makes the story reliable and interesting. Juan Diego went to the palace to talk to the Bishop. He was kind of afraid because he was just a humble Indian and he knew that the Bishop would probably not believe him about what he was going to say, but even though he went there and after so much trouble he went through in order to talk to the Bishop at the end he did and tell him all that he had saw and heard. The Bishop was listening at him carefully and respectfully but at the end the Bishop just tell him to come back other day in where they can talk about it.

Juan Diego left sadly and went to see the virgin and explain her everything that had happen on the palace. When the author talks about the way the people in the palace treated Juan he seems to be ironic, because he is saying that Juan was on his way to the palace so that the Bishop could listen to him and do what the virgin wanted to, but we all knew that this would not be able to happen at once, even the author knew that nobody will believe Juan about what he was about tell them. He does not lose his empathy and he tries to keep the story on an interesting point so the readers do not lose track of the story.

Juan Diego very sad went back to see the virgin and this time the virgin tell him that he needed to go back to the palace and tell them again what she wanted to. She told him to try to convince him, to try to use the same words that she was telling him so they can believe him. He hope the Bishop to believe him and he said to the virgin not to worry about it that he would find the way to convince him no matter what and he promise her he will come back with good news. In this paragraph the author has a nostalgic tone.

He want the readers to be sensitive to what Juan was going through and all the things that he need it to do so they could believe him, but this is also a moral because this is showing us not to give up on whatever we want to do or to obtain if we keep on trying and no matter how many times you try. If you never lose the hope you will obtain what you want, sooner or later but you will have it. Nothing is worthless, if you do it with faith and if you really try hard. This is when god tests you, to see how much you will try to obtain something and if you are really working hard on what you want.

The author makes a really good writing when the Virgin tells Juan to go back and tell the Bishop what she want it, he tries to makes us feel as part of the story, because what the Virgin said to him was so nice but at the same time nostalgic. Even Juan says that he thinks he is not the appropriate person to do this. He says that still he will try convinced the Bishop no matter what. This part is kind of repetitive, but I guess is the way the story happened and also to make emphasis on the fact that it was not easy for the Juan to accomplish what the virgin wanted him to do.

We probably all wonder why the virgin select him to do that, but well we will find out later on the reading. The next day he went there again and the same thing happened, he took forever to get to talk to the Bishop and when he finally did, he told him the same thing. This time one thing change, now he was interested on: when did he saw the Virgin, where and how does she looks like. All of these questions Juan Diego were able to answer him, so he did and with no trouble told him everything that he was seen and heard. The Bishop could not believe what was happening and did not know if he should believe or not.

As it was mentioned before all these part of the reading was becoming kind of repetitive. The Bishop was really amazed of what he had heard. He command three of his servants to follow Juan on his way back. He said he was going to talk to the Virgin again, so he need it to be sure that he was not lying. The setting of this part of the story is really good because the author describes how Juan went back home and how those servants were following him but suddenly they lost him. They went back to the palace and said to the Bishop that he was a liar that they did not saw anything wrong.

That was not the truth they just wanted to cover themselves because they lost him. As the story keeps on going, the author tries to keeps us engage on the reading. He does an amazing description of each scene that is just becoming more interesting and interesting each time. Sometimes you are reading a story but something happens that you lose the path of the story, and this can become boring and tedious. After that he went back home and found an uncle who was staying there very sick he was burning in fever. He did not know what to do, he call a doctor and the Dr. ame to look at him. He gave him medicine, but he was so sick that noting help him. Bernardino who was his uncle name told Juan to go to Tlatilolco and bring a priest. He wanted to confess; he said that He WAS About to pass away. Juan was so sad and went to look for the priest, on his way to Tlatilolco he did not know which way to go. If he goes straight he would saw the Virgin and she wanted him to go and see the Bishop. Since he was on a hurry to get the priest, he went through a different path, but what he did not know was that the Virgin could see him wherever he went.

When he was walking the virgin ask him: Where are you going this is not the path you follow always, he was so embarrassed that he tell her what was going on about his uncle and everything. The Virgin told him not to worry about it that he was cure already and that now he need it to go and talk to the Bishop. This scene was a moral because it shows us that whatever you do you, god will always know it and in this case the virgin knew everything what Juan Diego did. This teaches us that no matter where we are god will always take care of us. Always try to follow the right path of your life.

Sometimes you think that doing other stuff will make you popular or whatever but this is not truth, all bad things will always come up. Finally he went again to see the Bishop. This time he had an evidence of what he was saying and that was what the Bishop wanted. There were these beautiful flowers on his mantle and as soon he shows it to the Bishop they fall on the floor and a suddenly appeared the most pure image of the Virgin. It was so real that everybody in there knelt down and gazed with wonder. This setting seems real and he always portrays a lot of real life events.

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