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Reflection Essay on The Road Not Taken

The poem “Road Not Take;” by Robert Frost explores decision making as part of a complex nature of human race involving contradictory emotions of fear for unknown future, regret for the possible wrong choice and acceptance and pride in defining an individual. The lack of …

Decision MakingPoetryRegretRoadRoad Not Taken
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Literary Analysis – the Road Not Taken

Literary Analysis – The Road Not Taken Shannon Eads Carradine ENG 125 Instructor Allen March 11, 2013 Choices. Each and every one of us makes choices in our everyday life. We may not always make the right choice, but we learn and grow from the …

RoadRoad Not Taken
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Theme of the Road Not Taken

In life decisions have to be made. Some are regular every day choices that have little impact on your life. Others however, can change your life forever. In “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frost uses sound, figurative language, diction to illustrate the importance of every …

PoetryRoadRoad Not Taken
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Symbolism in the Road Not Taken, A Worn Path, and I Used to Live Here Once

2Symbolism in Literature Published by susansteppe, February 27, 2011 Symbolism in “The Road Not Taken”, “A Worn Path”, and “Used to Live Here Once”. When looking at the short story and poem it is impossible to see it all in a literal form. There is …

A Worn PathRoadRoad Not TakenSymbolism
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Road Not Taken Robert Frost

Journeys illustrate the voyage between places of interest. They are demonstrated by expressing to the audience the hardship and mixed emotions you go through to the destination. Some examples of positive effects on those who embark on a mission are that it hinders them to …

PoetryRoad Not TakenRobert Frost
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The Road Not Taken Explication

The Road Not Taken Explication Stanzas 1 and 2: It is evident that the scene in the poem takes place during an autumn setting which is implied when line 1 it states, “TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood”. The “yellow wood” simply means that …

PoetryRoadRoad Not Taken
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Private: 92.2% / 923 words / The poem “The Road Not Taken…

The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about a man reflecting on a choice he once made. While the outcome of this choice is not said to be positive or negative the speaker states that the choice and the consequences of that …

Road Not Taken
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"The Road Not Taken" is a narrative poem by Robert Frost, first published in the August 1915 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, and later published as the first poem in the collection Mountain Interval.
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Narrative poem


Robert Frost


What is the message of the road not taken?
Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken", is an example of how to be honest with yourself when faced to difficult decisions. While some regrets are expected, they can be overcome. The speaker recalls a time in their lives when they had two options.
What is the conclusion of the road not taken?
Let's recall the poem’s conclusion: “Two streets diverged in an area of wood, and I-– / I took that one less traveled, / That has made all difference." These lines capture what most readers consider the poem’s central imagery: a lonely path, which we often take at great danger, possibly to save our lives.
How does the road not taken relate to life?
The Road Not Taken allows the reader to make choices about their lives, including whether to follow the majority or take it on their own. The Road Not Taken is a poem that highlights the crucial moments in life where a decision must be made.
What are the elements of the story the road not taken?
This poem is about self discovery. Frost uses strong elements from poetry, such as theme, symbolisms, rhyme scheme and diction, imagery, tone, and tonality, to help make one of his most beloved pieces about the human condition.

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