Essays on Enzyme Catalase

Essays on Enzyme Catalase

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Investigating the Effect of Ph on the Activity of the Enzyme Catalase

Investigating the effect of pH on the activity of the enzyme catalase. Introduction Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a very pale blue liquid that appears colorless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water. It is a weak acid. It has strong oxidizing properties and …

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Discover the affects of PH on the enzyme catalase

Catalase- This is an enzyme found in food such as potato and liver. It is used for removing Hydrogen Peroxide from cells. Hydrogen Peroxide is the poisonous by-product of metabolism. It speeds up the decomposition of hydrogen Peroxide into oxygen and water. It is able …

BiologyChemistryEnzyme Catalase
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Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Catalase Activity in a Potato

Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Catalase Activity in potato Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature (10, 37, 60). Celsius on enzyme catalase activity in potato using 2% of hydrogen peroxide (H202) as the substrate measuring the height (cm) of oxygen gas (bubbles) and calculating …

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What does the enzyme catalase do?
Catalase is a crucial enzyme that uses hydrogen oxide, a nonradicalROS, as its substrate. This enzyme is responsible for the neutralization and decomposition hydrogen peroxide in cells. This is crucial for cellular signaling processes.
How are the structures of enzymes catalase and amylase different?
Catalase is an enzyme found within all living cells. It breaks down hydrogen peroxide and makes it into oxygen and water. Amylase is a digestive agent that is mainly produced by the pancreas or salivary glands.
How does pH affect enzyme catalase?
Enzyme pH levels can also influence the shape of an enzyme's active site and alter its activity. ... Catalase only works in humans between pH 7-11. Catalase can only function between pH 7 to 11.
How does the enzyme catalase help animals survive?
Catalase is a common enzyme that can be found in most living organisms, including bacteria, plants, and mammals. It catalyzes conversion of hydrogen peroxide from water to oxygen. It is essential in protecting the cells from oxidative damages by reactive oxygen compounds (ROS).

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