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All the Pretty Horses

In William Gilding’s Lord of the Flies and Corm McCarthy All the Pretty Horses, the harassers have experiences with death and are victims of mature circumstance which lead them to ultimate moral reconciliation. Death is not a topic to be taken lightly, which the characters …

All The Pretty Horses
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What is the meaning of All the Pretty Horses?
All the Pretty Horses seeks to illustrate, time-and-time again, the human, psychological, and financial cost of living according a romantic dream or ideal. John Grady and the others travel to Mexico looking for the romantic, cowboy life. John Grady is not interested in forbidden love.
Does All The Pretty Horses have a happy ending?
John Grady rides off into his sunset like a good cattleman, but it is not John Wayne-style happiness. He finds himself in a new land, even though his past experiences have made him stronger.
Where Does All the Pretty Horses take place?
All the Pretty Horses takes place in Texas and Mexico's northernmost regions in l949. The subtitle for the book is "Volume One The Border Trilogy," which indicates that it is the first three books in a series.
Who is Alfonsa in All the Pretty Horses?
Alfonsa. Alejandra has Alfonsa as her grandaunt. She lives at Don Hector’s ranch.

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