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Existence of Extraterrestrial Beings

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With all our knowledge of everything around us, overwhelming as it may be, there are still a lot of aspects that are unknown to even the smartest scientists. Did you know that humans know only 5% of the entire universe? Yes, everything we know about the Earth, the Milky Way, and all the planets is barely even a fourth of what comprises the entirety of the universe. Knowing that, it would be illogical to say that the creatures on Earth are the only forms of life in the universe.

Today I will tell you about unidentified object sightings, close encounters and even abductions. The first recorded UFO sighting was in Mexico, by an astronomer named Jose Bonilla in 1883 while he was observing sunspot activity. He was said to have seen more than 300 unusual flying objects crossing before the sun. The next one was three years after in Venezuela during a thunderstorm. People reported seeing a bright flying object accompanied by a humming noise hovering over a small hut.

The people in that hut got illnesses from radiation exposure and nine days later, the trees surrounding the hut withered and died due to the same reason. Another alarming incident was in the United States of America where a UFO allegedly crashed in Texas and its alien pilot buried at the local cemetery incidentally, I read of the same encounter from a different source and it added this: That night, local officials called a reverend whose name I regret to forget, to go to the crash sight immediately to pray for the victims.

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When he got there, he was shocked to see non-human creatures. Not more than a few minutes later, military men came in a helicopter and told the reverend to leave and not say a word to anyone; it was an order. These incidents were way back in the 1800’s when our technology was not as enhanced and people were more naive. More recent sightings have been reported in very different areas of the world – Sweden, US, Brazil, Alaska, Argentina, Iran, Spain, China and even the Philippines!

Any discussion on this conspiracy, however, will not be complete without talking what went and goes on in Roswell, New Mexico, or better known as Area 51. Area 51 is known to be a US Military Base where 75 miles away, there reported to be a UFO crash landing on July 2, 1947 that left an exceptional amount of debris all over the area. The Roswell Army Air Field reported that they recovered a “flying disc” but a few hours after this information was released, the government immediately said it was a “weather balloon.

RAAF even reported having recovered alien bodies but as expected, the government denied again and simply stated that it was the military men’s trauma from accidents. Countless witnesses during and after the reported crash date have confirmed seeing flying objects, crop circles and usual activity within the area. Area 51 is now conspired to be a place where they examine evidences of alien bodies, UFO crashes, etc, but the government refuses to confirm and have denied these allegations. More than sightings, as promised, let me take you in on one of the craziest abduction stories.

There have been over 60,000 reported abductions worldwide. In most cases, the victims are returned but don’t remember a thing. And in some, the victims are lost forever. The story I’m about to tell you is one of the most bizarre ones ever recorded. So bizarre that it took more than ten years to be able to have a complete review of the situation resulting to the victim and her family’s sanity and the obvious answer that it really did happen. On January 25, 1967, at around 6:30pm Betty Andreasson Luca was in her home with her family.

They reported there to be a red light all over the house. When her husband went out to check where it came from, he saw 5 unusual creatures hoping towards the kitchen door where Betty was. She had a family of seven children all of which, including her husband and parents were put in some kind of trance during the whole thing, although they were conscious of everything. Betty was taken to the 20feet in diameter ship, which hovered over their front yard and it flew away to an even bigger mother ship just a few feet above.

Betty was gone for four hours. When she has returned, she was perfectly normal and noticed that one of the aliens got left behind with her family, though they were fine as well. Impossible as it may seem, all of this actually happened and was proven correct when each member was questioned, undergone different psychiatric tests, polygraph examinations, and for Betty, fourteen sessions of regressive hypnosis. The result was a 528-page review which scientists still study until today.

Betty’s case remains to be the most extraordinary proven case ever recorded. Usually, people who were abducted tend to feel the same things afterwards: lost or missing time for a couple of hours, frequent nose bleeds, unusual marks on the body, nightmares of the abduction, and symptoms of radiation exposure. Beforehand though, collected recorded abductions have the following similarities: it begins with a visual perception of a bright light, the victim feels paralyzed and cant say or do anything; communication is telepathic too!

During the abduction, victims can barely describe any of the tools used due to their unfamiliarity to the objects and loss of memory, they know of undergoing a physical examination, and then nothing after that. However, most reported abductions are studied and examined and doctors seem to find a common ball-shaped or triangular shaped objects at the top of the nose, feet, hand, forehead or eyelid. These tiny items cannot be studied further because it is composed of chemicals not found on earth.

With all this at hand, it would be very difficult to believe that we are the only form of life. I could go on and on about more stories and other things I know and have gathered from watching countless documentaries and reading articles on the subject but time and the fact that you all probably think I’m crazy constrains me. This is what I can tell you now though: these creatures could very well be amongst us without our knowledge. They are clearly more advanced than we are for they have found ways of coming to our planet and finding us when they most likely live light-years away.

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