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Example of Bad Essay Writting

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TREASURE HUNT On one fine day, me and my four other friends were planned to have sushi’s as our lunch at the famous Japanese restaurant that just opened recently. While heading to the restaurant, I’ve noticed that there is an old man having a difficulty collecting his stuffs that just fell on the street. Thus, we decided to help the old man collecting his stuffs back to his bag. While collecting his stuffs, we noticed that, there are lots of old things such as an old paper and many more. After we’ve finished picked up his stuffs and placed it properly in his bag, the old man thanks us for helping him picking up his stuffs.

Then, the old man wants to thanks us by giving out one of his stuffs which old papers that looks just like a mystery map. The old man told us it is not an old piece of an ordinary paper, it is a lost treasure map that will guide us to find a treasure that has been buried in a jungle called Goggie jungle. At first we don’t believe wheatear the old man is telling us the truth or not. But after listened to his interesting story, we were really curious whether there is a treasure buried in the Goggie jungle or not. Thus we all have decided to have an expedition together to hunt the buried treasure hiding in the jungle.

A week before we went to the jungle, we have planned on what to bring along and what not to. Thus we have listed out the reason why we chosen the items to bring along with us in our expedition. First must item that we have chosen to bring along are spade. The purpose of a spade is to help us dig out the buried treasure. Plus, it is also can be used as one of our self defend items that could help us kill or chase away wild animals that could be found in the jungle such as snakes or even wild lizards that could cause us to be in a danger while in the jungle.

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Example of Bad Essay Writting

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Since it is a very useful item, we decided to bring two spades along with us for the expedition. Secondly, we have chosen to bring a compass together with us. A compass is used to identified and guide us towards to the location of the buried treasure from the map. Thus, the main function of compass is to shows the direction that we should follow in order us to find the exact location in the jungle and this could also help us from getting lost in the jungle. Next, we have chosen to bring a rope along with us the expedition.

The purpose of a rope is to help us cross the river that might be blocking us way towards the treasure location. Other than that, a rope is used to help us to go up and down the steep hill and helps us to tie the tent. The fourth item that we have chosen to bring along with us is torchlight. A torchlight is used as a light sources at night and it is also can be used as an S. O. S sign if we ever get lost in the jungle. In addition, torchlight can also be used as a self-defend item where, the light could help us chase wild animals that could be hiding behind the bushes at night.

Furthermore, we have chosen to bring a knife together with us. The purpose of a knife is to cut off the bushes that might be preventing our way towards to our destination. It is also used as a self-defend if we are in a danger while in the jungle. Plus, a knife is used as a cooking utensil item where, we used a knife to cut off fruits or vegetables that we could find in the jungle. Last but not least, a compulsory item that we must bring along with us in the expedition is binocular.

A binocular is to look out things that are far away from us. This could help us to stay alert and prevent us with things that might cause us to be in danger while in jungle. After finished choosing the important items that we should bring along with us in our expedition which is spades, rope, torchlight, knife, compass and a binocular. All these items that we have chosen are very useful and it could help us to be successful complete the treasure hunt. Thus, we are all excited to start our first experience of a treasure hunt.

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