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Eths Week Diversity

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You may need additional resources from the University Library to complete this aactivity. Write a 750 to 1,050- word paper answering the following questions: The status of women in the United States tthroughout history one of the first things that you will see was that women had much fewer rights and they were not accepted in job places as the men were. Women were known as the mother of children who stayed home and also being the house wife that took care of all the household needs such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of all the bills and finances that the husband brought home from long days of work.

Women always made sure that everything was in place and token care of. Men were thought of as the superior ones and the women were less of them, they were not able to work in the same positions as the men in work places, or have card night with a few drinks with their friends. The women’s role was to take care of all the chores within the home such as the laundry,ironing,cleaning of the home including dusting, taking care of the children and the mearns responsibility was all the labor chores of the outside such as the yard faintness, plowing the snow, they would be the ones to go hunt and fish.

Many things have changed from the history of women that is present in the U. S. today once the 20th contrary came around women were given the right to vote as well as the right to be treated equally to men in the work environment. The women today have all the rights as everyone else of the opposite sex and have learned how to be dependent on them now instead of on their spouse. The wages for women are not any less of the men and are able to receive positions anywhere as a man would be in.

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You see women in politics trying to stand up for what could be good for our nations and is allowed to voice their own opinions on issues and problems that we are facing within our nation. You also now see women being police officers, firefighters and other law enforcement jobs. Some examples of concepts or constructions of masculinity and feminine that we see in the society and in the media are everywhere in today’s life. I will start when it all starts and this is in children. We know that pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

The girls toys are dolls, play make up and princess outfits while the boys toys are cars and trucks, guns, super heroes figuring’s and outfits. The teenage life we see the girls are about makeup, their hair styles, brawls, and making sure that they have the top of the line outfits that looks just right. The boy’s are into sports, and cars, and what cologne will make the girls want them. As adults we see how the mother is taking care of the children and what will help them with this and we see that for men it is about vehicle, sports, and sex appeal.

Following its passage by the United States Congress. (www. gsaday. org) Some of the social and political issues relevant to women and GLBT people in the U. S. are the respect that they get from others and the dincriminating ways others put on them just because they are women or apart of the GLBT community. I feel that there are many people that are out in this world that will live their lives just to make the lives of women and GLBT people harder for no reason other than to make them feel better.

We are finally seeing both in politics and earning their respect that is needed but it is still harder for them to get where they are just because of what they are. I feel that one day will be better than what it is today and it is up to all of us to find the ways to get us all there are do it. It a big team job but it is possible to see the stereotyping, discrimination, and racism become little to nothing in our Nation. This is why I will have faith forever to see a change soon.

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