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Emerging Adulthood Paper

After leaving the adolescence stage, young adults are not ready mentally to take on adult roles and responsibilities. Therefore the stage called emerging adulthood takes place before adulthood is entered. According to a survey, a large amount of Americans felt they were adult only in their late twenties and early thirties.

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During the period of emerging adulthood, many common changes take place in educational paths, jobs, love partners, and identity. Also, many people make changes their majors several times, and after graduating enter graduate school which delays settlement into the desired career path.

Since young adults are always on the move, they move in and out of homes and resident halls. Due to unsettlement in career and being on the move, results in delay marriage as well. However, not every young adult around the world goes through this typical phase – emerging adulthood. Many young adults in non-western countries have no emerging adulthood. They enter marriage, parenthood, and lifelong work early. In low-SES families, young people do not finish high school or are unprepared for college, and are less likely to leave home, therefore emerging adulthood is nonexistent.

Emerging adults also begin too to build intimacy and trust in relationships that will last a lifetime. However, individuals in emerging adulthood think of intimacy in a different way than in the past. The Sacramento Bee published an article on “Researchers Find College Students’ Sexual Hookups More Complex than Originally Thought,” by Binghamton University which states that in the U. S. emerging adults have created a new shift during the period of adolescence and young adulthood in which they are more open to and accept uncommitted sexual activity during the college years.

Justin R. Garcia, a researcher from The Kinsey Institute said that cultural dating has changed and moved away from dating under parental supervision. Emerging adults view sex in a non-committal way, using it as an experience as opposed to a committed relationship that will last over the years. Researchers got together to conclude a brief look at the cultural circumstance identified as “hook-ups. ” A large percentage of emerging adults’ hookup, however it is not just about the sex, said Garcia. Many seek for love and a romantic relationship.

Also, alcohol and drug use play a major role in uncommitted sex. But this research is not just about the negative effects of hookups. The study gives an opportunity to understand this stage of a young person’s development and for parents and those who interact with emerging adults to be educated about sexual behavior in emerging adults. I believe this will continue to be a specific period of time because every person from the age of 18 begins to make long term-goals for the future. The first long term decision that has a large effect on their life is the choice to attend college.

I think that by moving away to another state or country for college creates not only changes environmentally, but also in relationships with family, friends, and close ones and new relationships are built as well. On the other hand, in the near future, I believe that this period will continue to change. More and more high school graduates will go on to college to get a rewarding job financially compared in the past. College students will also depend on their parents financially due to high rates of taxes and since jobs are hard to obtain. If this does not change, emerging adults will not move out until they are financially stable.

Marriage will be postponed as well. Emerging adults will start getting married after graduating from college to be able to support a family. However, I think that many will restrain from getting married. There will not only be the technology but also more to see and do by traveling to satisfy one’s self. Also, many emerging adults view sex in a non-committal way. Emerging adults may not see the need for marriage when they don’t need to commit to one person. Which is why I believe life will be different in the future for this period of adulthood.

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