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Egypt & Mesopotamia

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Mesopotamia was a continent in Africa. It’s between the Persian Gulf and the Medertian Sea, surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Egypt is also a continent in Africa it is near the Nile River.

Mesopotamia and Egypt were different in terms of geography because Egypt’s geography had Mesoamerica the Tigris, and Euphrates rivers and the Nile River, as well as annual Nile flooding. On the other hand Mesopotamia’s geography had Mesopotamia the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and river valleys.

Mesopotamia was a region of the Middle East, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that today are a part of Iraq. The Greek word meso meaning “between” and potams meaning “river”, also known as the Fertile Crescent. This area was home to numerous things. Civilizations, plus revolutionized agriculture, city planning, and written alphabet. Egypt was a narrow strip of land along the Nile River.

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Egypt & Mesopotamia

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Each year the Nile River would floods leaving behind a fertile fringe of soil. They called it “the black land” and the deserts all around the Nile were called “the red land”. Mesopotamia and Egypt were different in terms of cities and states since Egypt had Babylon, Assyrian, and Nubian Kingdom of Ta-sati Persian rue in Egypt pharaoh. And Mesopotamia’s cities and states had Tikal, Sumer, Ur Nubian kingdom of Kush, roman conquest, and Nobel sudden.

Mesopotamia was established by the Sumerians by the middle of the 4th millennium B.C. Egypt was founded around 3000 B.C.E when Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt combined into one whole kingdom. Egypt’s history is divided into three parts. Old kingdoms, middle kingdoms, and new kingdoms. During each of these periods’ different dynasties of pharos ruled.

Mesopotamia and Egypt were different in terms of interaction and exchange because Egypt had grounds, watermelon, donkeys, and cattle. Mesopotamia had commerce, culture, flower, barley, gourds, watermelons, donkeys, and cattle.

Mesopotamia is in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Middle East. It is referred to as modern day Iraq and parts of Syrian, Iraq, and turkey. It’s also known as the cradle of civilization. Many things were invited in Mesopotamia like writing, the wheel, the first laws, the first library, the first cities and much more. Also it’s important because they were not divided in politics or religion. They also believed in their own gods and followed directions of their pharaoh.

Egypt and Mesopotamia have a few things in common and some things they have nothing in common. A few things they have in common are they both have a large river system, the Nile river runs through Egypt and the Tigris and Euphrates river runs between Mesopotamia. They also have flooding, hot, and sunny climate. They both have their own alphabet, Egyptians use hieroglyphics and Mesopotamians use cuneiform. Some things the two don’t have in common are tools, different languages, and believed in different things.

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