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Education in the Classroom, or in the Real World

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Oscar Wilde and Lord Brougham have different ideas about the education system. Wilde states "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. " This means that education does not teach a person every thing they need to know, a person learns from doing things outside of school. Lord Brougham says "Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave. " This means Brougham sees education as the tool, which creates free thinkers.

Wilde has a better idea about education because he seems to believe that there are many ways to learn things. People are not taught in school how to deal with accidents, how to be trusted, and how to be a good friend to someone. Accidents are unexpected happenings that can be caused by chance. Accidents happen in many different ways and different places. Dealing with an accident isn't something that teachers explain it is something that a person learns first hand. When a person is in an accident there is a lot to deal with. Depending on the type of accident.

For example I was in an accident, my truck rolled. The first thing I had to deal with is talking to the police officer. Dealing with the police is scary no matter what the situation is, not to mention a near death situation. The cop went over what happened, who was driving and of course who was drinking. After that was established the next thing to deal with was dad. A parental unit is hard to explain something like this to. There isn"t a teacher who can teach a student how to explain to their father that they just rolled their pick up.

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Some parents are very strict and not very understanding, and some parents are easy going and don't care. It would be hard for teachers to know what kind of an accident the student was in, and what the student is feeling after the accident therefore it would be hard to teach the student how to deal with an accident they just have to learn it for themselves. There is no teacher that can tech a person thing that are learn by being taught. People have to earn some ones trust they just don"t automatically trust some one.

Teachers can't say their looks like a good person, they have on nice clothes, and they can be trusted. It don't work that way, trust has to be built. It can be built by returning something someone dropped or by listening when a friend is having a bad day, and not turning around blabbing what she just said. Sharing secrets helps build trust. A person has to learn who they can and can't trust, sometimes they may get burned and hurt, when they tell a secret and go to school the next day to find out the whole school body knows what the little secret was.

They learned that they couldn"t trust that person, even if that person was dressed in nice clothes, and looked like a good person. Sharing secrets and knowing who that person is build trust. No teacher can tech a person to trust anyone they don't know. To be a good friend a person has to be there to listen to problems. Not only listening but willing to give advice. The old saying "If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you? " A true friend would say no, because they would be at the bottom, to catch their friends.

A true friend would get up in the middle of the night to listen a dream that just couldn't wait until tomorrow. Teachers can't teach a person how to be a good friend or for that matter, teachers can't teach you how to be a good friend. If a person cares about another person they can be friends because they will be will to go out of their way to help the other person. If people didn't care about people they wouldn't help each other out, and they wouldn't be friends.

People can be nice to people but that don't make them friends. Teachers can teach people how to be nice to people, also called manners. Friends are something that just comes natural. To know and to learn are two different things. Know how to wreak a truck or to wreak a friendship can only be taught by them. No teacher can tech a person how to roll a truck or how to gain the trust of a good friend. Only a person can tech them selves and still learn by the mistakes that where given, during the time that a person was taught.

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