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Deep Sea Fishing

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“If deep-sea fishing is the most dangerous of all civilian occupations, it is especially so during winter months or during storms at any time of year. ” Yet, “risk taking is something they are paid to accept” (Cockerham, 131). [Epigram] As depicted by Sebastian Junger’s nonfiction account, The Perfect Storm, deep-sea fishing requires a level of determination that can override scientific data and superstitious judgment, in the interest of getting money. He tells the story of the Andrea Gail, which sets out for its fatal last voyage. In October 1991, the crewmembers say their last goodbyes and leave their loved ones behind.

It’s late in the season, to go so far out at sea. Also, a number of people had been having strange feelings about the trip and are struggling to push them aside. Since the very beginning in the book, there have been many premonitions presented. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a premonition is “a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant” (“Premonition”). “Premonitions are often about something that is a threat to our survival tells us the purpose they serve: they are overwhelmingly about survival” (USA, Under Attack).

Some fishermen hired to work the Andrea Gail are willing to take this risk regardless of the premonitions they have. Others decide not to go. While the Andrea Gail is out fishing, events unfold that lead to the sinking of the boat. The last voyage of the Andrea Gail proves the tension that must be faced between scientific data and superstitions the crewmembers had and the need for money. Based on extensive interviews, Junger describes the determination shown by deep-sea fishermen.

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Deep Sea Fishing

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