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Danger room – Creative Writing

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I woke up to the sound of drips on my bedroom roof, i couldn't wait to gewt out of the dump for 3 days. I packed the night before, i didn't i hade so many clothes! I found a some silk sleepsuit, which i recived for chrismas off my antie with the mole on her face, it's a welsh name and i cant say it with out pouring out 1 ton of spit. Mum was feeding the baby as i went down stairs, she was just about to drop him around my nana's, While we went away.

Dad has allready out there, we entered a doogy compertion and we didn't read in the terms and contaions that you may not all get on the same flight. I was so excited, I felt like a child on the night before christmas. I couldn't wait to get onto the plane. We got in the car, droped little sam to my nans nad speeded down the motorway to the airport. When we got to the airport, the told us that we hade been upgraded to first class seats. My mum thought it was because she looked like Cathren Zeta Jones, while the way the rude, drolly dollie, looked at her like she was Pat buthcher. The only thing that came into my head was "if looks could kill" We got into our seats, they hade covbers over them, they were as smooth as slik. The runway was like a ribbon of moonlight. We blased of into the air. The stars looked so close now.

After an awful film and luke warm food we lanned into New york air port.

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Danger room – Creative Writing

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we breased through cosstums and we were soon in a Yellow cab to our hotel. The neon lights we shinning bright. I could help buty notices but there was a Mc Donald on every cornor. I was going to be happy here. I couldn't wait till the next day. The atmospher felt so nice. The next day I leaped into the arms of living. We went for breakfast. I hade a stack of pancakes. they were soacked in surup. My mum hade a cheese tostie, she expected a small one., but when it came it came New york style! There must of been about 10 types of cheese! We set of toward where my uncle worked. I haden't seen him unsince i was a baby. On the way there we saw a Televison show being filmed. The hosts hair was an exclamation mark. His jacket was reflecting sun light. If i stayed next to him, i would have court a tan!

Bang! I heard a really load bang. I was so scared, you hear so many bad things about New york. All of a suddend a helecopter came shoting down from the bright sky. The letters FBI were on the bottom. Everyone was scared. Then on a big T.V. screen a man appeared and said "Stay calm, your on tv, you all just made fools of you self!" they yanky voice said. They was a grate sigh of releaf. We thought to our self, this must happen all the time in the big appel.

Went into this shopping centre, they called it a mall i think. The floor was so clean you could see your reflection in it. We went into a glass lift to the 22d floor. All the shops had ended. They was just offices now. From shinny floor to gray carpet. We were looking for room 11b. Someome walked passed and ask at "Do need any help" the half naked women said in a high tone. We asked her where room 11b was. She told us. Went down a really lond corriodr. It didn't end, it was like in a cartton when they keep repeatina the background.

Finaaly we came a croos a door. It said 11q on the frount. We went in and looked around. It seemed to be a abbanded, It was all messeed up. There was a second door we opened it. "Hello" my mum said. I was getting scared by now. This room was empty too. Exexpt they there was a painting. On the painting there was an envolpe. The name on it was mine. I didn't know what to think. I opened , and took outr the sheet of paper. It said " Hide...hide...hide " press the hook. By this time we thought it was one my uncles bad tricks.

All of sudden we heard foot steps going down the corridor. My looked out and a bullilet was shot at her. It only just missed her. She ran back in. The foot steps were getting loader and loader. We thought " what should we do? " Then we rembared about the note. press the hook. We couldn't see the hook. Foot steps were geting so close. Mum threw the painting of the wall and noticed there was a hook. She pushed the hook into the wall like the note said. All of a suuden the floor opened bwlow us. With a swish we fell in a room,and the door closed. We didn't know what just happened. We thought it was all a dream.

The room was dark, there were coboids all around. There were a wall of tv screens. With a flick of a switch, the TV came on. It was my uncle. " welcome to the danger room, i hate to tell you this but you are being hunted. Why? I dont know. You should be safe her. No one can get in, no one can get out unless you press the red button. After i get of the tv screens you will be able to see all round the offices in my work place. Rember... you can reflect the danger back to the enime. Bye for now."

Me and mum looked at each and other and wondered what the hell he was on about. We knew somting bad was happeing. We looked at the tv screens. There were 3 men in the room we hade just entered. They were all wearing black. One was tall and hade a mole on has face. One was short and fat. The other guy reminded me of someone but didn't know who.

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