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Constructing Your Health Decisions

Constructing Your Health Decisions Technology has overcome the population and few people are aware of various health issues it has caused. By simply sitting in an office behind a computer can cause problem from our backs and eyes to our balance. Office workers are the most at risk, and experts say it is important we monitor our workplace health.

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This can be avoided by going for a brisk walk at lunch, a stroll around the office every hour, and checking our posture by standing with your heels and back against the wall and seeing how far back you have to move your head until it touches the wall too. Also the television is one of the most popular forms of media all over the world. It can enhance ones appearance to have the viewer intrigued and question themselves like “why can’t I look like that”. Instead of getting up and going for a walk or hanging out with friends, television, has us caught up in our homes.

Another major media downfall that influences one’s health is the internet. Let’s say I have symptoms of a common cold for weeks that does not go away, I can type in my symptoms on the internet and various options will come out. Now I can assume I have a major medical issue without even consulting with a doctor. A person has the responsibility of enhancing their health by choosing healthier foods and exercising more. They can choose to not be influenced by the media. Also by doing activities that Improve our self-esteem can lustily how we will portray ourselves to the world.