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The City I Love Traveling is one of my favorite activities in life. But the sad truth is that I have only been to one other place besides my hometown Miami, Florida. My first adventure was to a small town in North Carolina called Liberty. Compared to Miami, there were many characteristics I was not familiarized with and were new to me. Among the many alterations the weather, the people, and the lifestyle were the ones that caught my attention the most, causing me to realize just how much I need to appreciate Miami.

For starters, the weather in Liberty is completely opposite from what we are used to in Miami. Instead of walking outside sweating from head to toe and becoming completely sticky from the humidity, they experience what is known as dry heat. But besides that, the temperature also affects the seasons. For example, in fall, the leaves on the trees begin to change colors and fall off their branches. It's quite a sad situation because the leaves are drying out, but it's one of the many beautiful scenes my eyes could capture.

In winter, temperatures drop to freezing level and snow starts to come around. People have to wear tons of jackets and sweaters to stay warm. Unlike Miami, the weather is almost always on the same temperature dial, hot. Even in the fall, it still feels like it is summer. People go to the beaches, but never get in since water temperature may be cold because of the ocean currents. In winter, temperatures start to drop, but never to a freezing point unless a strong cold front passes by. Quite frankly, I love it in Miami because the weather is always perfect for many activities.

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It’s really hard to leave a beautiful place like this. The people in Liberty also caught me by surprise. I expected them to be down to earth and friendly, but I was wrong! The majority of the population included plenty of whites and Mexicans. The whites though, were very racist against African Americans, Latinos, and Mexicans. Their attitudes include nothing of humility because they believe to be the best among all. They were really disrespectful and always looked at others as if they were an alien.

In Miami, there is a variety of different people, but mostly Latinos take more than half of the population. I could truly say I feel accepted, because everyone down here usually gets along and typically treat one another equally. Most importantly the color of a human skin or of a family background does not keep you from being treated with respect, and that is one quality I would refuse to lose hold of. The lifestyle at Liberty compared to Miami was vapid. There was nothing to do since nothing was near. Stores were miles away and malls were nowhere to be seen or found.

Neighbors were also far apart since people owned acres of land to grow crops or just to have to themselves. Club and lounges were also never heard of since not many people partied or went out to have a good time. Liberty was also a dry county. For instance, on Sundays, they weren’t permitted to hunt or purchase liquor from the stores or gas stations because Sundays are considered to be holy days. Even though it was peaceful and quiet, on the other hand, Miami was always awake with its beautiful beaches and party activities.

Stores and malls are just around the corner and they vary. Clubs and lounges are always open even on Sundays and are found anywhere in Miami if anybody wants to have a great time. Miami lifestyle is just amazing and never can get boring and lame. I can always find something to do and somewhere to go to be with friends or even with the family. Even though visiting Liberty was nice, there's no doubt that Miami is the greatest place to live in or visit if you're from another country or state.

The weather, people, and lifestyle are far from being alike, but not every state or country is the same. I liked Liberty, but Miami is the place I love as the weather is amazing, the people are respectful, and the lifestyle is full of entertainment. Miami is definitely a great place to have a fun time, but if you want to be in peace and independent then maybe you want to visit Liberty. I would definitely think twice about going to Liberty again. Miami is the place I rather be at and never would leave again unless another city is the same.

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