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Compare and Contrast Women at Home in Ww1 and Ww2

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Compare and contrast the role of women at home during World War I and World War II. Before World War I and World War II, women at home had the roles of maintaining duties for their family and children, such as cleaning, caring for the house, and cooking for the family. They were more likely judged by their exquisiteness rather than their ability. Just before World War I began, women were beginning to break away from the traditional roles they had played at home.

Throughout both World Wars, women in the United States faced similar challenges, however, during the Second World War; women were trusted with much more freedom and responsibility than they had in the First World War. In comparison, the first and second World Wars set a great change in the ways women interacted with the rest of the world. While many men in the United States had to serve in war, women took on many of the roles at home that traditionally belonged to men.

Women in both wars took on jobs in the war effort which included being military nurses, factory workers, journalists, and many more occupations that helped the war and occupied women in jobs that were primarily for men. One of most ordinary jobs women took during both wars was that of a nurse. Women joined the military forces to become nurses that helped heal soldiers who were wounded. Although men doubted the effort women can put in an emergency situation, women proved themselves and men became more certain. An important job that was taken by women at home during both wars was working in a factory.

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Having so many men serve in war, women were obliged to work in factories and showed their best efforts into helping the war. Once women began taking over, the idea was caught by the government in which they put great effort into hiring women for many jobs that helped the war effort. The First World War marked the beginning of the women’s new era. During World War one, women were greatly demanded to fill in jobs for men who served in war. Jobs such as nursing, telephone operations, and working in factories were some of the important jobs women were permitted to take.

At the time of World War one, the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Patriotic League, and the Red Cross organizations were made to help the war efforts. The Red Cross for example, allowed women to work and help the war effort as nurses. As women were not seen to work in higher praised jobs that only men could do, they proved themselves to be as skilled if not more during World War one. Women worked in industries and their development was drastically spoken about in newspapers and articles.

There successes and skilled efforts was commended and was beginning to change the minds of men who thought women were incapable. Women, during World War one, replaced men in skillful jobs such as railroad workers, and other machine operators. During the beginning of World War one, women were seen as incapable of holding professional jobs that men took. However, demonstrating their efforts in factories and helping the war effort showed the capability of women to work in any job that was traditionally for women.

Throughout World War one, women gained the positions of being doctors, lawyers, and bankers. These job opportunities during World War one gave women a chance to show the male-dominated society that they were proficient and were able to more than staying at home and raising their children. Throughout World War one, women had played a vital role in helping the war and its soldiers. Women also played a key role in helping the nation moving in their efforts in industries. Prior to the First World War, women had no power socially and economically.

Women were seen as house wives and were to follow the road of raising children and taking caring of the household. However, the First World War was a turning point for women. By the end of war, they had proved to be just as important to the war effort as men. Transportation, nursing, and working in factories were needed to a great extent and it was given to women to handle which shows their significance to society. Before the war, none of these jobs had been permitted to women, only with the exception of nursing.

Women, in World War one, proved that they could contribute and take as much responsibility as men could. However, as many have seen women as capable and skillful as men, some still see women as not proficient and skillful to play the roles of men in society. The role of women tended to differ in importance between World War I and World War II. Women began to gain more freedom and respect when men realized that women were capable of working. Women fought for equal pay and made a drastic impact on the workforce. Women began to gain confidence in themselves, and took over many male-dominated jobs.

During War World One and Two, women took on many of the same jobs such as nursing, machine operators, doctors, and lawyers. However, in World War Two, women power was in demand and changed tremendously. In World War One, many debated and opposed the use of women in armed forces and were needed in jobs such as telegraphers and operators. However, during World War Two, thousands of women served in the Women’s Army corps and the United States Navy. The Women’s Air Force also began during World War Two, where women were trained as pilots who would be able to fly planes to military bases.

Women helped the war effort by working to help with machinery and making weapons for the war. Women had more responsibility during World War Two in operating heavy construction machinery, working in steel mills and munitions. The number of women working had significantly increased since World War One. In World War Two, over six million women entered the work force making them one third of the labor force. A drastic increase of women began to work in war industries in helping the war effort. For the majority of women, World War Two was a symbol of freedom.

Women were able to work in any profession they wished to work in rather then forced into the roles the society created for them. World War One and War World Two for many women was about the gaining strength and mobility. As many men had to serve in the war, women took over many male responsibilities. Women have always been limited in strength and mobility; however, both World War I and World War II had changed the set of any rule. Both these wars became the doorway in which women were released. The roles of women in the World Wars had affected the future significantly.

Due to their vital roles in both Wars, their roles in society became much different then it had been before World War I. After both these wars, women became free to create their own lives; there was an increase in freedom and an increase in equality. World War II was another chance for women to prove their capability and efforts. Life for women had changed, and they were able to do what they pleased and became more independent. There were far few obstacles that stood in the way of women proving themselves as extremely capable and worked through extreme barriers to prove to society what women can do.

Compare and Contrast Women at Home in Ww1 and Ww2 essay

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