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Compare and Contrast Persuasive Essay

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Summer and Winter December 19, 2011 Summer and Winter Summer and winter are two of the four seasons, which are an amazing time of the year. The summer and winter seasons are enjoyed by many people; even though some prefer one over the other. They both have their own unique qualities for bringing family and friends together. As I compare and contrast these two seasons I will tell you how they are different and similar. I will write about their temperatures, fun activities, and the holidays that people engage in. Summer has long, hot, and sunny days.

It stays light out until late in the evening, but the temperature can be so miserably hot. It rains a lot in the summer and makes an ugly muddy mess. Unlike summer winter has short, cold, and dark days. It gets dark out before evening and the temperature can get really cold. It snows a lot in the winter and it makes a beautiful sparkling ground cover. During the summer people take advantage of being outside to whereas in the winter they stay snuggled together inside. Even though these seasons have extreme temperatures they both offer a wide variety of fun activities.

In the summer people like to go swimming at the beach, or go for bike rides in the park. People go for walks and look at the flowers full in bloom, and they listen to the birds chirping in the trees. However, in the winter they like to go skiing at the resort, or go sledding down the hills in the country side. They like to snuggle up with a good book, and listen to the crackling fireplace. They like to take walks and see the snow glistening atop the trees. These activities are fun for people of all ages to enjoy as long as they are dressed in the proper attire.

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Summer is the time to wear thin light weight garments. People typically wear shorts, tank tops, and sandals. They wear bright vibrant colors and bathing suits. Unlike summer, in the winter people wear heavy and thick garments. People typically wear pants, sweat shirts, and boots. They wear bold dark colors and coats. With all the proper dressing attire to keep you cool or warm, may bring one to think about the holidays that are associated with these seasons. In the summer month of July on the fourth day people celebrate Independence Day.

It is a legal holiday in the United States, and people generally wear red, white, and blue. They have barbeques and eat hotdogs, hamburgers, macaroni salad, and fresh fruits. They gather with friends and family to watch a fancy show of lights with loud booms, better known as fireworks. On the other hand in the winter month of December on the twenty fifth day people celebrate Christmas. It is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and people generally wear red and green. They have Christmas dinner and eat ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cookies.

People gather with friends and family they go Christmas caroling, and decorate their houses with brightly colored lights. They give thanks by giving each other gifts. This and many other reasons is why winter is the better season. Winter is definitely the better of the two seasons. With the snow blanketing the ground and atop the trees it looks magical, and the snow glistens beautifully like a gem. Speeding down a large hill on a sled and dodging snowballs while having a snowball fight is one more reason why winter is better.

Drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up by a fireplace while listening to the crackles, and feeling the warmth of the fire is another good reason winter is better than summer. In addition to those reasons another great reason winter is better than summer is because of Christmas. At Christmastime the town looks amazing with everything beautifully lit in color, and the spirits of the people are cheerful. Furthermore, the smells of Christmas envelopes your home with the aromas of gingerbread, cinnamon sticks, and sugar cookies.

In comparison summer and winter may be different, but they both have similarities. Summer and winter are both seasons with extreme temperatures that require proper dressing attire to either keep you cool in the summer or warm in the winter. They have fun activities and celebrations that involve family, food, and fun that brings enjoyment to people of all ages. Even though some may prefer one season over the other, no matter which season you prefer, they both have their own unique qualities.

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