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Cartoon Analysis

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A Show For decades people have migrated to America from all over the world in hopes of having that beautiful home with a white picket fence and a yard big enough for two children and a dog. Today, people are still chasing that dream.

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Cartoon Analysis

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. These immigrants believe that by coming to America their life will suddenly be better and easier. What's worse is that President Obama and the government led the immigrants on by portraying the

American nation to be a place where dreams come true and everyone is welcome. That is exactly what is being illustrated in The New York Times political cartoon, Undocumented Fun For Undocumented Children. Brian McFadden uses eye-catching colors, the southern United States borderline, and U. S. Representatives to show how the U. S. Government continues to act as if they are willing and prepared to receive more undocumented immigrants. The most flamboyant technique that the creator uses in this strip is the eye-catching colors.

Red and yellow are the two brightest colors used in the strip. Red is also a color known to cause a physical reaction within the human body. I believe the creator uses these two colors to highlight the most important points throughout the cartoon. For example, there is a large red stop sign with written on it. This seems to be the main goal and message that the creator wants to get across. Then, the creator's main concern stands out four times in yellow and reads, "U. S. BORDER. By using these bright and old colors Brian McFadden is able to complete the first step in sharing his message by catching his readers' attention. The image that is most vivid in this cartoon strip is the map of the United States with its southern border left open to connect the dots. This type of imagery is brilliant in conveying the cartoon's message. If this picture were to be presented alone anybody would easily be able to grasp the underlying message. It is in this section of the cartoon strip where the creator's point is most Leary stated.

The issue presented is obviously the U. S. Border, which is represented by the eight dots to be connected. The creator also uses humor in this piece to lighten the mood of the readers but still gets the point across. The last well- presented elements in this cartoon strip were the characters. The characters featured were President Obama, the border patrol, three other U. S. Representatives, and a young undocumented child. We learn a lot about the U. S. Government through these characters. These U. S. Preventatives reveal to us how the government publicly portrays that they want to help immigrants. Though, McFadden makes it clear that the government is doing this solely to please the American people who are for immigration. For example, the Senate passed the immigration bill. In the strip, a U. S. Representative expresses how he can't seem to find the bill. This shows us how the government is actually brushing off the immigration concerns of the people

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