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Carribean Adventures

I am Sandra Gaskins, born in California. I have completed MBA from Anderson School of Management in 2008, did graduation in commerce streams from University of American inter Continental and schooling from Belmont Senior high school.

During my MBA course, I did summer internship in American express as a Management Trainee, where my job profile was to work with the travel counselor and prepare the project report on delivery of quality services to the customers.

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During this program I realized my strengths, which are better communication skill, handling the queries of customers and working in teams.

About my family background – my father is running a privately owned business of textiles and mother is a home maker. I have one sibling pursuing BBA. I am keen to work with the Carribean Adventures, since the profile of Travel Counselor requires the skill of customer service and ability to work under pressure and I am familiar with the workings and dealings of travel counselors as I worked in the same field during internship. I had a great learning during internship. There I learnt about the customer values, needs and what quality means to them. Along with this, I had a selling experience and learnt how to coordinate in teams, which ultimately enhanced my problem solving capabilities and all these qualities form the core in order to become the travel counselor.

Apart from this, I possess a sound knowledge of geographical locations, as it was one of my hobbies to gather the information related to the diversities in the places and study the human psychology. Therefore, based on the above mentioned qualities and my sheer determination towards the work that is assigned to me, I can say that I will be the suitable candidate for this post.



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