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Car Accidents

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CAUSE AND EFFECT PARAGRAPH -CAUSES OF ROAD ACCIDENTS Car accidents are something that has become common in human life. Almost everyday car accidents happen around us within anytime and anywhere around the worlds. It harms everyone without exception to anybody. The tragic part of car accidents is when it involving fatal. It is very unfair for every living body to die in the car crash and it such a wasted.

Furthermore car accidents are something that can be avoided if we altogether concern about the factors that can lead to the crash. First and foremost, careless driver is one of the factors of car accidents. They are not paying 100% attentions on the road while driving. Some of them are talking on the phone, and controlling the car with only one hand. This actually increases the risk of getting involved in car accidents. There are also driver that are not in proper condition to drive.

As example, the driver does not getting enough sleep to be able to drive safely resulting in falling asleep while driving and may lead to car accidents. Secondly, poor road conditions also contribute to car accidents. Irregularly surface of road can cause driver to lose control on the car. Unclear road signs that are hard to be seen especially during night and improper placed of speed bump are really disturbing the driver and thus car accidents are more likely to occur.

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Finally, bad weather is also the causes of car accidents. Heavy rain, storm and snow limit the driver’s visibility and put themselves and others on risk. As example, when it is raining heavily, the road become slippery and car’s tyres have fewer grips on the surface of road. Consequently, the cars will collide with each others. As a conclusion, peoples especially drivers should take note the factors that cause the car accidents as they will beware when driving and thus can help avoiding car accidents.

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