Bunt – Meaning of African Concept

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Of Bunt is practiced and why it is of benefit to the community. You may also mention the challenges to Bunt in this modern era. 'Bunt is an African word for a universal concept. Bunt is the potential for being human, to value the good of the community above self interest. Bunt is to strive to help people in the spirit of service, to show respect to others and to be honest and trustworthy, are the words of Kevin Chaplin.

Moreover, Bunt is second nature to us Africans, hence the fact that a number of us have not heard of it but practice it. In addition, the Mama community found in Iambi can be thought of as a perfect example of Bunt practitioners. Firstly, when looking at a typical settlement inhibited by the Mama people it would come across to you that they are one big family but most of them are not related through blood ties, which contradicts the observation of how they live together.

In continuance, adults consider the children of their neighbors as their own as they let them eat and drink in the same plates and ups with their children and this simple and kind gesture teaches all the children the value of sharing which is one of the fundamental outlined in the concept of Bunt. Furthermore, these children grow up to be positive additions to the community and the nation.

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Dry Johann Broody at a conference said"My neighbor's sorrow Is my sorrow' (2006), which is another key concept when dealing with Bunt, as sorrow Is an obstacle which everyone has to go through and It usually comes In the form of death, Illness or other hurtful events. And when neighbors are struck by sorrow, the members of the community would never live those Individuals to mourn In solitude, they would mourn and weep with them as they are also touched by what has effected their neighbor. Moreover, this act signifies unity and the bond among the community members solidifies.

On the other hand, Joy Is also shared because happiness Is only true once It Is shared with others and smiling and laughing about certain matters Is also another mall point of Bunt and that decreases tension teen Individuals which In turn means that there will be less violence. "To be Inhumane Is to be Like an animal" (Broody, 2006), humanness Is the very essence of Bunt and the manner In which one greets another Is a very delicate matter when It comes to the Mama people as one should greet others heartily and enquire In depth and the greatest detail about the other person's well being before anything else Is said or done.

In addition, It Is also a sign of respect which Is very Important In a immunity and the Interest shown In the others life also strengthens the bond the community members have. Lastly, the thought of being helped out by another person In the light of today Is frowned upon because It Is considered as If you one Is lazy or parasitic. Moreover, the world thrives more on competition among people more than It did 20 years ago and sharing Ideas and resources does not exist anymore. Virtually, Bunt Is a beautiful concept of lifestyle, so much so that businesses have adopted It but In the modern era It Is considered more of a cliche than It Is a

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