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Bra Boys Analysis

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The identity of the Bra Boys can be seen through their values and attitudes. They are presented through the Cody, the value of brother ship and Attitude of brother ship through their tattoos and being there for each other. In part 1 of Bra boys, the Boys had taken Jesse Pollock and other younger people on trips to surf. This had been carried on from what the other Bra Boys did for Cody and his friends. This shows their values of their society and community, as they are willing to give the younger generations to toughen up and be free with the surf.

This shows htat apart from their devilish side, they also have the value of family and friendship with the younger generation. The Bra Boy’s value towards the beach is shown to be their lifesaver.

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The beach and surf is everything to them. Sunny Abberton, a Bra boy said “The surf, had saved so many kids around here, that have led them to a lifestyle of the ocean instead of a lifestyle in crime. ” Showing that the beach has saved them on accounts and they have an optimistic value of the beach.

Values of the Bra boys is brother ship, as they had each other’s back. When 2 people had a fight with authorities in a party during Christmas, everyone got into the brawl. This shows how the value of being together in the Bra boys is strong. One major values the boys have is having fun with others. In the serious of montages, the Bra Boys are shown to be jumping on each other, setting alight each other and each them jump off the cliffs and even jumping on a bus. This shows that they highly value fun in their lives as they want all the fun.

This scene plays with the light hearted tune, this influences the value of fun in the Bra Boys life and their value of belonging as they do what they want and what they believe is right. That is the idenity presented as a Bra Boy. To have fun their own way. Survival and a sense of belonging. The Bra boys values of survival is shown as they survived from various gangs, depression, fights and drugs. They had shown that they want to survive for the beach, as it is their legacy. For the Bra Boys, they showed a sense of belonging by helping each other through tough times and helping the younger generations.

The Bra Boy’s identity of attitudes is shown that they have each other backs and that they do not wish to do harm. Their attitudes towards the police is hatred as they were in a fight with the authorities. However, the authorities lost but the media had portrayed them to be the victims. The police thinks the Bra boys as criminals and always suspects them, thus they have a negative attitude towards the police. The attitude towards people similar to the bra boys in the past, cold, hurt ad alone. The Bra Boy’s have the attitude of being there for those to toughen them up and be the Bra boys just as the older Bra Boys did the same thing to them.

The attitude towards Ma shows their love and symbolizes what Ma is to them. Their love and kindness in comparison the language used in the other parts of the film shows how they value and their attitude towards their caretaker and the start of the Bra Boys. Their tone and voise is different in comparison to the other tones that is used. Not only that, there is something that is only presented in this scene that the Bra Boys does. This type of body language shows their affectiong and their attitudes towards Ma as she is the most important person to the Bra Boys. They Hugged her.

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