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Biographical Sketch

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On the outside, I appear as a typical plain teenager who had already learned to cope with and comfortable living the life of an American youth. After coming to this nation four years ago, I can truly say that I have already adopted some of the local culture and tradition. My interaction with fellow teenagers has made me less discriminatory and more open-minded to ideas I previously considered unacceptable. I am now more confident in speaking English even though it is not my native tongue.

My stay in the US has acquainted me with people who have freed me from my idealism to become more realistic and unbiased without compromising my moral standards. Amidst all these changes, inside me is still that person who came from Poland four years to pursue my dream. I am still that same person who is determined and committed to life-long learning both inside the four-walls of the classroom and through my social interactions.

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Biographical Sketch

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I still see this university as a venue to cultivate my skills and broaden my knowledge with my peers acting as enhancers and motivators. I still believe that aside from enriching my academic knowledge through the theoretical concepts that I am discovering in class, maturity and development of character are still the most important lessons that I am acquiring. I am very much motivated to excel in the career path that I chose and this motivation will nurture my passion.

Some things might have changed after four years of staying here. Yet, I am still aware of the fact that even though I speak English fluently, I still think in Polish. Even though I am already used to having burgers and fries during meals, I will still have a craving for the native delicacies. However, one this has never changed—my passion for learning and my yearning to become the best person that I can be through moral development.

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