Bcom/275 Wk4 Assignment

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We regret to inform you that your family member is among 33 workers currently trapped due to cave-in. We want you to know that as we speak, we have rescue workers on site doing everything possible to bring every worker to safety as soon as possible. We will keep you informed as new information develops. I this statement I don’t wont to give too much information about the events that possibly lead to the collapse because I don’t want to cause any more sorrow or panic than necessary

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  • It is wise to keep the family informed of any developing information because it is best they here it from you instead of miss-information from the news.
  •  Until the whereabouts of the miners have been confirmed, it is best to not mention that part to the family.
  • Communication To The Company Via Meeting

We have just been informed of a cave-in trapping 33 miners at one of our Northern Chile copper mining location. Rescuers are drilling holes to try and locate the works. But for now there has been no confirmation as to whether the 33 miners have survived the cave-in. They are approximately 300 meters down and there is limited food, oxygen and water. So rescuers are working around the clock. We have also learned that doing the rescue there was a second cave-in Saturday causing a delay in rescue efforts for several hours.

We ask that you reframe from sharing any information with anyone outside the company, especially the media. It is important that we gather all that facts and keep the family members informed prior to any information being leaked to the media. There will be a follow up emails informing everyone of new information as it is received.

  • With the company I would want to be straightforward and somewhat detailed of the events.
  • It is important to information co-workers to not talk to media about certain details of the incident out of fear that it may get misworded and back to the families.

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