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Apush Chapter

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This passage written by Frederick Douglas who was an escaped slave that became known as the greatest Black abolitionist of the time for sharing his terrible experience as a slave in order to stop slavery, it discusses the cruel treatments that the slaves are exposed to. For instance, if the slaves perform at a poor rate or produces insufficient work, their master would hit them with a whip as a symbol of punishment. Sometimes, the master doesn't even need a reason to torment the slaves other than for his/ ere own satisfaction. In addition, Douglas who was a slave for the majority of his life, claims that the laws created by the Southern states were unfair since it was design to give the master full control over the slaves which took away their freedom.

Moreover, Douglas supported his idea by repeating the same phrase and adding the different things that were restricted against the slaves such as earning a proper education, receiving good food/clothes, and working hard to make money. Furthermore, Douglas asserts that the physical cruelties that are brought upon the slaves are sufficiently harassing and revolting since t inflicts on the mental, moral and religious nature of the helpless victims. All of these reasons explain why Douglas decided to risk his life in order to escape from his master to become a free and independent African American.

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  • The "Blessings" of the Slave (1849)
  • Author: Solon Robinson
  • Author's Position: Supports the African American community. Against masters who abuses their slaves.
  • Bias: Robinson was born in Connecticut but he soon moved to Indiana which to become a trader and agriculturist which changed his views on slaves to look at them more positively. 6
  • Arguments: It is hard to find anyone around the world who likes being poor and control by the upper classes

Freeing the slaves can be consider as a punishment for the slaves since God has deprived them of it. The slaves has worked hard to meet their master expectations. Over-driving slaves is the poorest way to get work out of them Slaves can't be force to do more than a certain amount of work. The masters are only treating their slaves kindly because of self-interest. The deep South is known for its cruelty towards the slaves. The large plantations owners make the slaves perform tasks more regularly or bigger audiences . In this excerpt written by Solon Robinson who was a Puritan born and raised in Connecticut that switch from being a Yankee peddler to being a trader and agriculturist, discusses the benefits that some slaves has over the others as well as the poor conditions that they live in.

First off, Solon admits that nobody in this society would ever. Want to trade in their luxurious, relaxing and comfortable life in for a poor one fill with sufferings and tragedy. However, slaves also gets to enjoy some these factors such as the fine uniforms and full course meals that is given to them after a Eng and hard day at work. In addition, Solon supports his claims by explaining that he has witness very few plantations that abuse their slaves since it is looked down upon. Moreover, Solon describes how as the consumer market expands, the owners must force their slaves to work at a faster rate to reach the amount of products that gets demanded and the only effective way for them to do this is by using physical force.

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