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Analysis Essay – During the Great Depression

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Dale Neumann March 10, 2013 ENC1101-16 Division or Analysis Essay During the Great Depression, America has faced many challenges which shook its very foundations. Out of pure creativeness Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman A. K. A. Clark Kent, a superhero who was a sole survivor of the planet Krypton. Furthermore Clark Kent grew up with normal parents who found him during a meteor shower. As he grew older, his body started to experience superhuman strengths which lead to him defending the world from criminals.

As a cultural phenomenon superman influenced the world with his heroism and all American attitude which created a sense of good in a world of misfortune and struggle. To begin with, Superman’s role in society is to defend the world from criminals and hide his identity by working at the daily planet. As Clark Kent, he falls in love with Lana Lang but she is in love with Superman. No matter how much he wants to tell her the truth about him being the infamous superhero, he wont jeopardize his identity for the greater good of mankind.

However superman is always battling villains and is saving any citizen that are in need of rescue, no matter how hard it is . To conclude, superman’s true calling in life is to live normal and marry the woman of his dreams, but with the unnatural powers he possesses he feels obligated to protect the world instead. In addition, superman faces many obstacles and his greatest adversary is Lex Luthor. The famous villain is the only person who can defeat superman and has access to the deadly radiation called kryptonite, which can kill him in minutes.

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Another obstacle he faces is the vow to not kill any human again, so defeating enemy’s is that much harder. In summary, superman’s biggest obstacle in saving the planet is defeating Lex Luthor and not killing anybody no matter how hard it is. Finally, in the last episode Superman was able to accomplish his true calling and confess his love to the woman of his dreams. Superman’s true calling was to protect the World from danger, a vow he made after killing three enemy’s from his native planet kryptonite.

Also he finally confessed his love to Lana Lang, something he always wanted to do since child hood. In conclusion, Superman was a symbolic figure who inspired millions, during the Great Depression. In addition, Superman gave hope to our society that there is good in this world and evil doesn’t always prevail. In the end, superman lived out his fairytale ending by confessing his love to Lana Lang and defeating his arch rival Lex Luthor, an American tale that has been repeated in so many different ways through out history.

Analysis Essay – During the Great Depression essay

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