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An Analysis of the Differences Between Generations and the Decline of Moral Value

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In to day s society we are more relaxed about many things. And that is what seems to cause the biggest difference between generations. Today the people of the younger generations speak what on their minds, 20 30 years ago if a teen disagreed or got upset with something an adult said or did you did not start yelling at them and tell them off or at least not to their face anyway. The decline of moral values is another big issue when it comes to generation gaps. It seem that in today s world in the average family both parents must work to pay the bills, thus leaving their children to learn a lot for themselves. Which in my mind has the children learning from the world s morals and values and lets face it they are not that great. Many young people feel that in order to fit in they must lower their standards of right and wrong.

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And that may be why it so easy for a kid to go kill 10 of his classmates and not care. Lets face it; 20 years ago there was not two thirds of the world s youth on anti-depressants. In our grandparents day if some one was hyper active or a little psychotic they said well hell they will grow out of it sooner or later. And that is a major gap because today we give them Prozac and consoling sessions twice a week for the rest of their life. If you were to walk up to mom or dad and ask them if there were any alcohol and tobacco classes in their high school they would probly say no. So that has to show there is an ever-growing problem with drinking and teens. Just think for a minute 20 years ago how often did you here about a sixteen year older getting their license and two days later lose because of a DUI.

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