An Analysis of the Characters in the Movie the Breakfast Club

Last Updated: 02 Nov 2022
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This essay is about people putting a label on another individual and the effects it has on the person. The essay particulary focusus on a character from the movie, The Breakfast Club. It focuses on the nerd in the movie, Brian. It also tries to make the reader think about his/her role in the "labeling" game. i.e.-are you the mocker, or the mockee? I am Here, Even Though You Don't See Me.

Have you ever been ridiculed for your beliefs, ways or convictions? Have you been given an undue label unfairly because of being who you are? Or rather, are you the person who unreasonably hands out the labels, or the one that cheers on and aides the ones that actually do the disreputable work? Correct me if I'm wrong, but do we not bleed the same blood and breathe the same air? Evidently, the answer is yes. Then why I ask, why to we feel the need to place labels and declare someone is better than someone else because they are unique individuals and not like what the labeler wants them to be?

Nothing in life is fair, but nothing hurts the way it does to be mocked, labeled, and pressured your whole life. I say this cause I know. If only all people could see it that way too. Just because you're different and unique in your own way, doesn't make you any less of person then the next guy. Being different and unique is what makes the world go round; we shouldn't be persecuted for our individualities. In the well-known movie The Breakfast Club, you can see first-hand what the effects are of being labeled and mocked your whole life. Specifically, I am going to focus on the one who was callously labeled The Nerd, rightfully known as Brian.

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For starters, his whole life he has been pressured to be Mom and Dad's Little Braniac; always getting straight A's and always knowing to do the right thing. Never settling for anything less than what he is capable of. That's a lot of pressure on a kid at such a young age. I think they are helping him more than they are hurting him. For instance, have they molded him to be the person they wanted him to be, or have they just simply helped him along his journey of life because of the natural academic talents he showed as he had progressed from infant to child? Unfortunately, they have done the first questioned. They have grilled and grilled him to be this ever most intelligent person, never once letting him be the person he might have wanted to be. That has had a detrimental effect on him.

Now of course, he has become that person they wanted him to be and cannot change. Therefore, it's not his fault for having nerdy or geeky tendencies. Nevertheless, that does not make it ok for all the people who mocked him his whole life as he grew up? No of course not. He is who is and people just can't learn to respect that, but they should.

Subsequently, as he continues to go to school he is further maimed and ridiculed. However, doesn't fight back. He doesn't stand up for himself. He doesn't even know how to do any of that. That concept is completely foreign to him because of the way that he was brought up. In essence, he holds all of this emotion, possible anger, pain, and resentment within him. It just boils up inside him dying to be released, dying to be expressed and dealt with. He is basically like an innocent looking volcano waiting to erupt. In the movie, when he does finally explode, it's beyond emotional. For one moment in his life people start to see him as a real person. They might have even considered him normal person like one of them and not as just the Nerd they all viewed him as. However, that moment doesn't last long.

When it's over, it's over. All usual beliefs and thoughts about this individual are resumed and once again he becomes just the Nerd. From a Learning Perspective of Psychology, this rejection doesn't hit him as hard. It is something he has become used to. It has been reinforced in his life so much that his body has built up a temporary immune system to it. This is not kosher. One should never have to adjust to being treated in such a wrongful manor. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop this pattern in humans, but let it be known that it will never be justifiable in the eyes of justice.

Finally, Brian has released of his built up emotions. Alas, he will continue to hold future emotions inside until the day come that he cannot hold it with in him anymore. It has become apart of his human nature. From a Sociocultural Perspective of Psychology, this will always be the pattern in his life. His behavior is that of a humble and positive person. He will always look at everybody as individuals and unique. He will never pass judgment on people to the point where it has a negative effect on the lives like people have done to him. Is that justifiable? Does not teasing and labeling other people make him a perfect candidate for being teased and labeled? Is that what he deserves? Of course not, nobody deserves that type of treatment no matter what kind of person they are. It just not right, and no one can logically justify it.

On one last note, think about who you really are. Think about the role that you play in your life. Are you the mocker, or the mockee? What makes you do the things you do? Maybe, just maybe, if everyone put themselves in another person's shoes, more and more people would start to understand the inequality of placing judgment on other human beings. If everyone took a step back and looked at the way they treat people, this world could be a happier place. No one deserves to be purged because they are an unique individual that makes the world go round. After all, when it's all said and done, do you want to be remembered as the meanest cruelest, and heartless person they knew? Of course not, none one does. Just the same, people don't want to be remembered as the nerd or the geek with no friends and no important existence. Especially Brian.

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