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An Analysis of My Vacation in the Dominican Republic

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Last year I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. My vacation to the DR was one of the best ones that I ever went on. It was one of the most beautful places inside the resort, but once I got out, I was able to see how poor the island is. During my vacation I was able to meet many people from many other countries including Germany, Belgium, and France. I was not so happy that we went there because I thought that we were going to go to the Florida Keys and we where not able to go because they where booked. So we ended up at the Dominican Republic.

One of the highlights of my vacation to the DR was that I was able to meet people from all over the world. I never knew that I would be able to talk to the kids that I ment from Germany, Belgium, and France. There second language was English. This suprised me because I did not know that they were going to be able to speak english. Suprisingly when I went up to the kids to talk to them the and I had thought that I ment kids from America. After talking to them for a while they had told me that they where from Belgum. All the while I was taling to them I realized that they where able to talk in many other languages to. They also knew french and pish. I also talked to this girl from france that talked little english but knew what you wher talking about when you talked to her but could not speak much english. So i would have my friends from Belgum translate stuff for me. So the whole language thing shocked me because so many people knew there how to speak it.

The other highlight that I had on my vacation was that I was able to get free food the whole time, because we went to an all inclusivce resort. Once I got there, I realized that the food was not the best that I had. The only thing that I had for a week straight was goat burgers and fries. The reason why was only able to eat the goat burger and fries is that, all the other food tasted like the bug spray smelled down there. It was not one of the best things there.

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The biggest highlight that I had when I was down there was that the drinking age was 13. I went down to the club me and all my friends were able to drink. That one night that I was there people where drinking so much alchoal and so many little kids that where drinking it I was shocked. So th whole time I was down there I was drinking. The reason why this was such a big highlight was that back in the states I will not be able to drink till im 21 but there, I was able to drink even though I was 16.

Since I returnerd from my vacation to the Dominican Republic I don't think that I benefited from anything down there to effect daily life. The only thing that I might of have benefited from is that I was able to realize how poor some people are and what people from other countries are like and they are just like us in the states. The bvenifits from seeing how poor some people where down there is that no matter how bad I have it i know that someone has it worse. The people down there where so poor that they would do almost anything for a doller. In American money I think that they got paied around a dollar a day to chop down sugar cane. Another benifit from going there is that I realized people have very little and the houses that they lived in where the size of my shed. This made me think that people have it really rough down there. The way that it went down there is that you are poor or rich.

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