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American graffit

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Film review of American Graffiti American Graffiti shows the life in early 1960s and it's made by George Lucas in 1973. The movie shows a summer night which happened in a small town called Modesto in California and it describes the adventure night about the teenagers who were graduated from high school. There are four main characters in the film called Curt, John, Terry and Steven. It's describe a life at the end of the summer in a small town called Modesto in 1962. There was a evening about the four best friends and they were graduated from the high school.

Curt and Steven decided to leave the town and moved to another places and Curt got the scholarship from the local school, but he had the another though about leaving. When Curt was in the car, he saw a beautiful girl with blonde hair and drive a T- Bird said " I love you" to him, he was so excited and wanted to find the girl while he tried to escape from the gang. Finally, he asked the Wolfman for help, the Wolfman report what Curt wanted to say and the girl called him.

Steven was the class president, he also wanted to leave the town but it means e needed to leave his girl friend called Laurie who was the head of cheerleader and Curt's sister, at that night, they tried to talk with each other to solve the problems. At the same time, Terry and John were cruise around the town in the evening, Terry got the car from Steven and he got the confident to try to give a deep impression on Debbie. John, who is seen as the best of the race with his yellow car, he drove the car with Carol who was a passenger by mistake.

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American graffit

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Bob Falfa wanted to have a race with John because he tough he was the fastest in the village, but he lose the race. The strengths of this film is it shows the culture in the early 1960s, people can knew what's the life about at that time and it shows the decision about their future of these four people. For example, Curt got the scholarship from the local high school, at first he did not want to leave the town but steven persuaded him to leave the town to see the world how big was, Curt believed steven said and decided to leave. The weakness of this film is involved some violence and about the gang bully people.

For example, he gang in the local village saw Curt while he was sitting at their car, they wanted to bully Curt and did some bad things with him. In the car park, they fght with Curt and John saw that to help Curt. Some of the people would imitation what they see on the TV or film, so it's not good for the teenagers. In conclusion, American Graffiti is a good film for us, the story is very funny and it can attracted more teenagers to watch it, let more people to know the culture of early American life and after watch the movie, people can make a good decision about their future. american graffit By cyiu

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