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Advanced Boot Options

The recovery tools available in windows 7 are ? ? ? Advanced Boot Options Menu Startup Repair Tool Backup & Restore Center System Protections Frequently used recovery techniques are Event Viewer – if OS doesn’t load in normal or safe mode, check the event viewer for problems occur in security, system and apps logs. Safe Mode: Loads minimum of services & drivers only needed to load win 7. Can troubleshoot the devices and drivers.

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Last Known Good Configuration Startup Repair Tool Backup & Restore Center System Restore Using Advanced Boot options: Used to troubleshoot error that allows windows 7 from successful booting.

To access press F8 while startup. The options available are Safe mode Safe mode with networking– safe mode with networking enabled Safe mode with command prompt – safe mode in CLI Enable Boot logging– creates log file “ntbtlog. txt” records all process occur during booting. Enable low resolution video (640×480)- uses standard vga drivers for display. Last known good configuration– Restores last Config that runs in good condition. Directory Services Restore Mode- Used for domain controllers Debugging Mode- Runs kernel debugger.

Advanced troubleshooting tools Disable Automatic Restart on System failure- prevents system from restarting when it fails to boot. Disable driver signature enforcement- enforces driver to install that don’t have valid signature Start windows normally- Normal startup Startup Repair Tool: If system files of windows 7 is failed to boot or corrupted or deleted, using windows 7 media can able to restore it. But this tool cannot handle Hardware failures Backup and Restore: Used for user of windows 7 to protect their personal data from disaster.

This tool is used for making a backup of your data and also it can able to restore the backup data. This tool can be opened in “control panelackup and restore” In that console user can find advanced boot options o Turn off the schedule – backup schedule is turned off o Create a system restore image – Backup OS files o Create a system repair disk – Create bootable disk Creating System Image: It captures the snapshot of entire hdd & stored in specified location Control panel -> Backup & Restore center-> CREATE system Image link -> choose location -> START backup-> no for system repair disk.

After the above process the image is created Restoring Image: Load win 7 media to dvd rom, reboot the machine ->enter in to “Repair your computer” Now select OS-> system recover option appears->choose windows complete pc restore-> select the image-> Restore it.

Using System Protection: It creates backup and saves the configuration info of system files and settings It don’t overwrite, it saves in previous versions which is called as “restore point” So user can return to multiple possible configurations It creates restores points automatically if file system in NTFS, manually also can create. To open “sysdm. cpl” open system protection tab.