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Virginia campaign

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This website gives a detailed narrative on Virginia campaign and the blockade and siege of Yorktown in 1781. This website was created by United States government printing office. Since this is a government site, information that were included here are reliable. The first part of the website gives information on the title of the narrative, author of the narrative, presenter of the narrative, and the publisher. This website has also a printed copy, which can be found in the U. S. Army Center of Military History library and which the call number is also given in the website.

The second part of the website shows the contents of the book. The website provides links to each part of the book. Each part of the book gives detailed and in-depth information on the American Revolution. The role played by the French during the period was also given emphasis on the narrative. The significant people who played an important role during the American Revolution were also given emphasis on the narrative. The third part of the website gives links to the illustrations that were included in the narrative.

The last part of the website gives links on the maps that played a significant role during the American Revolution. In general, this website provided in-depth information during the American Revolution. It is strongly recommended for researchers. Also, majority of the website is purely text, making the loading of the page faster than any other websites. http://research. history. org/Historical_Research/Research_Themes/ThemeRevolution/WorldUpside. cfm This website provided information on the role played by Williamsburg during the American Revolution.

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The historical narrative started with the residents of Williamsburg having a meeting regarding the downturn of their economy as an effect of the war. The effects of the war on the economy, people, and the town were detailed in the narrative. The website provided different links that will be of great help to many researchers, depending on the type of research that they are doing (i. e. archeological, architectural, or historical research). There is also a link that will lead you directly to Rockefeller Library. They had also provided links if you are interested on internships, seminars, conference and other events that they are offering.

Links were also provided regarding the mission of Colonial Williamsburg and their contact information. There is also a quick link if you want to search for a specific topic. The site also promotes tourism in Williamsburg for there are links that can help you if you are interested in touring the town. In general, this website is really an informative and useful one for researchers who want in-depth information on the role played by Williamsburg during the American Revolution. This is a highly recommended website for researchers and students. http://research.

history. org/pf/Index. cfm This website is recommended if you want to research base on a timeline. This website was created by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Information regarding the Declaration of Independence and American Revolution that were provided here are all organized based on the timeframe that they happened. The homepage showed the Declaration of Independence of United States. There is also a link entitled ‘Documents of Freedom’, in which the articles all came from The Virginia Gazette (the newspaper of colonial and revolutionary Virginia).

Another link is the Epsteins Collection, which is a collection of different historical documents that were donated to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The timeline of American Revolution in the website was divided into five parts: (1) Declaring Independence which is from 1764 – 1776; (2) The Signers which is from 1776 – 1778; (3) Safeguarding the Declaration which is from 1776 – 1814; (4) Publishing the Declaration which is from 1776 – 1823; and lastly (5) We, the people which is from 1786 – 1962. Each part of the timeframe had a direct link of its own and is further divided into a more specific dates.

However, only the summary and description that took place on a specific date was provided in this website. On the other hand, images of the original documents during the American Revolution were shown in this website. In general, the information provided in this website were organized based on a specific timeframe, making the narratives easily to understand. Also, the images of the original documents during the American Revolution makes this site a more interesting one compared to other websites of American Revolution. However, it lacks in-depth information that some researchers may need.

This website is recommended for students who need to review American Revolution and for people who want to have a glimpse on what took place during the period. http://www. warmuseum. org/brief_rev_war. htm This website shows a brief narrative of the revolutionary war that took lace in Virginia. The historical narrative of the website was written by Erick Bush, a volunteer of Virginia War Museum. The historical narrative focused primarily on the events that took place in Virginia during the revolution. The site provided a good summary on the events that took place in Virginia during the American Revolution.

However, it lacks in-depth information and analysis on the events that took place on American Revolution. Also, the information that were presented in the website are limited to what was just written for there are no links that can be of help to researchers and students. There are no links that will help you access other sites regarding American Revolution. There are no search queries that can help the readers and researchers search for a specific topic. It is just mainly a summary of events that took place in Virginia during the American Revolution period.

On the other hand, readers of this site can obtain information on the preparatory events of the revolution, battle of Great Bridge, Collier-Matthew’s raid, relocation of the capital to Richmond, Major General Alexander Leslie’s raid, Benedict Arnold’s raid, Lafayette’s arrival to Virginia, Cornwallis’ entrance to Virginia, Tarleton’s raid, battle of Virginia capes, the arrival of Continental and French armies to Virginia, and battle of Yorktown. http://www. americanrevolution. com/VirginiaColony. htm This website showed not just the role of Virginia in American Revolution but also its history and discovery.

The narrative started with the original inhabitants of Virginia even before the colonists arrived. Captain John Smith was the first foreign person to arrive in Virginia. Then came Queen Elizabeth III to claim Virginia and even named it after her. Even the conversion to Christianity of the Indians that inhabited the land was included in the narrative. Although the colonization of Britain and American Revolution were included in the narrative, it still fails to provide in-depth information regarding the American Revolution.

This website is recommended for students and people who want to have a short glimpse on the history of Virginia for it provided the history of its discovery and history. On the other hand, the site offers links that will direct you to other parts of the history of United States. Some of the links that can be found on the site are African Americans, American Indians, Native Americans, Historical Documents, and even the U. S. Constitution. There is also a link that will direct you to a discussion forum where you can share your ideas and learn from the ideas of other people.

There is also a link that provides different essays about the American Revolution and the movement for Independence of Americans. This website is recommended for students who want to learn the history of United States. http://www. u-s-history. com/pages/h1203. html#1766 This site offers the chronology of American Revolution. The homepage started with John Adam’s saying: But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people.

The chronology of events that this site offered is based on the division made by John Adams. There are two distinctions that John Adams made and many historians accepted his distinction. These classifications of events are: (1) American Revolution; (2) War for Independence. The events that changed the colonists into independent people were classified under the American Revolution, which is from 1763-1776. Each event is further classified between British policies having impacts on American colonies and events in American colonies. Each event has its own link if you want to read more regarding on the topic.

Even the people involved in the events have links to give the reader information on the role they played during the American Revolution. Events that resulted from the American Revolution were classified into the War for Independence, which is from 1775-1783. Links were also provided on each event to give more information to the readers. This website is suitable for learning for all the information that were provided are organized in a table form making every information easy to understand for every reader. http://www. historyplace. com/unitedstates/revolution/index. html

This website offers organized information on American Revolution. Events that took place during the period were divided into five classifications based on the time that they happened. The five classifications were: (1) Explorations and Early Colonial Era (Beginnings to 1700); (2) The English Colonial Era (1700-1763); (3) Prelude to the American Revolution (1763-1775); (4) The American War for Independence (1775-1783); (5) A New Nation is Born (1784-1790). Each classification has a link of its own. All the events were presented based on the specific date that they happened.

Although the site offers an organized way of information, it still lacks in extensive information and analysis on the events that took place. It just merely presented the events. This site is not recommended for researchers who needs in-depth information on American Revolution but is recommended for people who want to learn the history of United States. The site also offers other links on other events and people in the history of United States such U. S. Civil War, Child Labor in America (1908-1912), George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, U. S. in World War II in the Pacific, John F.

Kennedy, Vietnam War, Apollo 11, and other links selected for tourist. http://www. theamericanrevolution. org/default. aspx If you want to learn and understand easily American Revolution, this website can give you the basic knowledge on what took place during American Revolution. The site offers a short glimpse and summaries in an organized way that makes learning easier. Quotations made by George Washington and Patrick Henry fill the homepage of the site. The site then directs you to links of the battles, people, documents, events, and the timeline of American Revolution.

To inspire young people to study history, the site also offers a link wherein you can read a comment from a professor on his comments and opinions regarding American Revolution. But if you are the one who wants to share your own idea and learn from the ideas of other people, the site also offers a message board. What makes this site interesting than any other sites about American Revolution is that it also offers Revolutionary Music that can remind you of history. This site definitely makes studying American Revolution enjoyable and more interesting. http://encarta. msn.

com/encyclopedia_761569964/American_Revolution. html The information that you will see on this website is typical to any other encyclopedia article. Narration of American Revolution is divided into seven parts: (1) Introduction; (2) The British Colonies in 1750; (3) The Great War for Empire; (4) The Coming of the Revolution; (5) The American War of Independence; (6) The New Nation: 1775-1789; (7) The Creation of a National Government. You have the choice to read the narrative continuously or if you just wanted to read on specific period during the American Revolution for each part of the narrative has its own link.

Information that are found here are just the basics during the period but is enough for people who wants to study American Revolution. You can also directly print, e-mail, or blog the encyclopedia article to share it with other people. http://www. nps. gov/revwar/about_the_revolution/overview. html The primary goal of this website is to make history alive on every people. The website offers links that will lead you on the basic information that you need to know on American Revolution. It has a timeline of events that will give you information on the key events during the period.

If you are interested in finding what happened in particular day or year in history, the site also offers information organized based on the date that they happened. This source can also give you different aspects during the period through revolutionary essays that can be found here. Information on the people who played a significant role during the American Revolution can also be found in this site. There is also a link that will lead you to the marking of the 225th anniversary of American Revolution.

The site can also direct you to other websites that has also the theme of American Revolution. This site can also tour you to the historical revolutionary parks, of which some important events took place. This site is recommended for students, teachers, and researchers for it can help in providing the information needed depending on the purpose of the study. Frequently Asked Questions about American Revolution is also included in this site. Readers of this site can e-mail the producer and maintenance of the site for further inquiries through the contact details that can be found in their site.

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