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Use of control charts quality problems

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Control charts, Pareto diagrams and cause-and- effect diagrams are tools used to measure quality in an organization. Pareto charts are used in the identification and prioritization of the quality problems which are to be solved (Milgate.

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Use of control charts quality problems

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. 2004). Products and services offered by a hotel may have defects which may occur at different frequencies, use of Pareto charts therefore enables the hotel management to be able to reduce the defect percentage and especially those defects which can lead to a monetary loss.

Cause-and-effect diagram on the other hand can be used by the hotel to discover or evaluate all the possible causes of a quality problem (Paulk. Et. al. 2007). The cause-and-effect diagram or the fishbone diagram can be used to describe a problem even before they have a chance to begin. Therefore a hotel can use the fish bone diagram to depict a problem and especially before it launches any new product or service.

Control charts can be used by a hotel to determine whether its internal processes will produce a service or product with properties which are consistent and measurable (Weinstein et. al. 2006). If the process is not productive, then the hotel will be able to identify a quality problem. A hotel can use the above quality tools to identify a quality problem, identify the root causes and determine the efficiency of the internal processes. 

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