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Tstolen By Vivian Velde

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Lauren Moore

The book, Stolen, by Vivian Vande Velde was found for me at the John Vaughn NSU library. It is a mystery and adventurous book, to which I should mention that mystery, love, and adventurous are my favorite types of books so two out three isn’t bad at all. The author Vivian Vande Velde has written many other books. Most of her books are for children; a couple of them are in the age group of teens and adults. Like for example “The Conjurer Princess” and “The Changeling Prince” are both books for early teens and beginning adult ages. There are a lot of characters in my book. There is a little girl who goes by the name Raven she leaves with her grandparents which really not her grandparents they adopted her. Avis and Browley, which are the grandparents of Ravyn. There is Ravyn’s friend Orsen who thinks he is smarter than everybody else and attempts to act tough and big around Rayvn but it never works out the way he had planned on it too. Then there is Isabelle, she is the girl in my book that is lost and wakes up in Ravyn’s grandparent’s house to notice that she remembers nothing including her own name.

The main character is my book is the witch, now the witch is a mean old person who according to the village has been stealing everybody’s newborn babies. The genre of my story is a mystery, a little scary, and adventurous. It’s not too long of a story but it is just long enough that you can read it in one to two days. I’m the same way with my books as I am with my movies. I like my movies a little scary but too scary to where I have nightmares, more mystery then adventurous but to where I have to actually pay attention because if I don’t I’ll get lost really bad! Throughout my book, you have to really pay attention to every single detail because if you don’t you will miss a step and then you will just be lost throughout the rest of the book. It starts out telling you about Isabella, she’s running through the woods in her long gown type of dress. She has no idea why she’s running, what she’s running from. Nor where she is running to. She begins to hear dogs barking and running toward her direction. She begins to climb up into a tree but realizes its way to high for the next branch to reach and if she jumps she will fall and who knows what the dogs could do to her.

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She ends up just laying there the owner of the dogs, Avis, finds her all covered in blood, he gentle picks her up and carries her back to the house where Ravyn, her newborn puppies, and Avis’s wife Browley are. As time goes on they realize that Isabella is blank, she knows s nothing, but there is a family that hears about Isabella **You have introduced Rayven and Orson in the beginning paragraphs, but then start talking about Isabella; who is she? You need to introduce your characters. Is the witch really the main character or is Rayven, or Isabella? Use the terms protagonist and antagonist. Also, what is the theme? What is the main idea of the book? If you do not know, look it up on Google search. The conclusion goes here: what do you think of the book? How would you rate it? Would you recommend it to everyone?


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