Torn thread

The setting in the story Torn Thread written by Anne Isaacs was taken place in Bedizen, Poland, and Parachutist, Czechoslovakia, where the characters were forced to move to a Jewish ghetto. Main Characters: The main character in this story was Eva who is twelve years old who was forced to spin thread for the Germans and had to look after her sick sister, Rachel. The minor characters in Torn Thread are Rachel who was always sick with colds, coughs, high fevers, and shortness of breath.

Rachel was very ill and was taken to the hospital frequently. Another minor character was Eve’s and Earache’s father who was taken away from them when they were taken to the Jewish ghetto, Things I Learned: In the story Torn Thread I learned that the Mans took young and Innocent Jews and forced them to do heavy labor and live In Jewish ghettos. I learned that the Nazis killed people that were too old or unhealthy to work anymore. I also read how the guards of the camps would swear and hit the prisoners with clubs and rifles if they ere angry.

So practically saying they would beat someone just to get their anger out. Another thing learned in this story was the Nazis blamed everything on the Jews since they hated them so much. Significance of the Title: I think the author chose Torn Thread as the title for this story because Eva was forced to spin thread to make blankets and uniforms for the Germans. But her life is getting harder and torn apart hence the title Torn Thread. Plot: The story Is set In a Nazi labor camp during World War II.

After her older sister Rachel is taken by the Nazis and transported to a labor camp, Eve’s father arranges for her to also be transported to the same camp so that she can look after her sister and so that, no matter what happens to the rest of the family, they will be together. Because he works as an accountant for the Germans, he has learned that Jews are being sent to concentration camps to be exterminated, and he hopes that he will be able to save his daughters by insuring their place in a slave labor camp.

Eva finds Rachel at the Parachutist camp, and together they survive the work they were forced o do adding on to taking care of each other. Changes in the Main Characters: Throughout the story Eva and Earache’s relationship grew stronger with each other. When Eva had to take care of Rachel, Rachel realized how much her sister cared for her. Rachel and Eva than started helping each other through the difficult times and became closer In their relationship. Eva became more brave and Intelligent as the story progressed. Rachel became more caring and brave like Eva did.

Personal Torn thread was a powerful work of fiction. It explains the horrors of the Holocaust and how brutal it was at the concentration camps. I enjoyed reading this book because I like learning about history and how it was to live back then, especially for the Jews. If I were to ask a question to one of the characters I would ask Eva how she felt when having to leave her father and if it was hard taking care of her sister by herself.. Torn thread was an exciting novel written about the Holocaust, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fictional story about the Holocaust.

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