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The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

About two years ago I went on a camping trip to Colorado with youth for Christ. It’s an organization ran through my high school. We all met up at a church and got on a charter bus, that was the longest ride of my life. It was eight-teen hours. It would have been fifteen but our tire popped on the way there. We got it fixed, and kept on moving.

The closer we got to the mountains weird things started to happen.

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Our soda cans and potato chip bags began to pop.We were so high up that the air pressure made everything explode. And the closer we got the better we could see the mountains, because from far away all the mountains looked like hills. But as we got closer you could start to see the snow at the top of them. Which was crazy to me because it was the middle of the summer, but it made me want to get there even faster. So we arrived and people from all over the United States came to camp, so there was a huge crowd of people we didn’t even know waiting to greet us.

We all walked around and got acquainted with almost everyone, then went back to our cabins to unpack and get settled in. After that we had our very first “lodge meeting”, it was held at this big hall name bear claw. We all sang songs about god and met the camp band named Attaboy. There freaking awesome! Days went by and we all got to know each other a little more. Not all of us got along but we would sure learn to. The night before at dinner they hinted that we would be doing something special, but no one could guess what.They just told us to make sure that we were in our cabins by ten o’clock and to make sure that we had gotten a lot of rest because we would need it.

So the next day we woke up and everyone ate a huge breakfast. During breakfast they announced to us that we would be doing things different that day. We all needed to return to our cabins as soon as we finished eating and put on tennis shoes, sun block, to bring a lot of water. After we all did that we met at the circle and they told us that we were climbing a mountain as a bonding experience.So they put us in groups of three with people in our cabins, but the task was for us to bond with someone that we didn’t know. We started our journey and coincidentally my group had gotten stuck behind a group of girls from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Now none of knew these girls, but I did know that one of them had given me a dirty look at lunch the day before so I wasn’t too thrilled about walking by them.

We were all having a nice walk until about half way up the mountain it had gotten really steep.It was like trying to walk up a gravel wall. Everyone on my group successfully made it up, and two people form their group did but for some reason the girl who gave me a dirty look was having trouble. She just couldn’t get up there. Everyone in her group had walked up ahead so I was forced to help her. As I was standing there everything inside of me was telling me not to help her, but I had to think about what if that was me. So I couldn’t jus let her stay down there, so I helped her.

We walked up the rest of the mountain together.We talked and I came to find out that she was a really nice person, and she explained to me that she wasn’t giving me a dirty look. She was actually staring at me because she thought that I was really pretty. We walked and talked and finally made it to the top of the mountain. We sat down and ate lunch together and became really close friends, we still keep in touch to this day. So I guess u could say I learned a lesson and experienced the best thing of my life, “The Climb”. Tiarra Archie Reading 104 August 26,2010

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