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To-Do List What am I/ are we going to become ten years from now? Quite a cliched question indeed, but sometimes thinking about the distant future actually drives hopeful people just like me to continue pushing and thriving despite the hard challenges that come our way. Nevertheless, contemplating on the future doesn’t always come easy since no one really knows if it will ever go the way we think it would. Moreover, I, personally, fear the future in the sense that it bears the inevitable ends, not only for our lives but ends to our dreams, ambitions, careers, and even all of the most mundane or plain psychological sentiments we have (i. . family, friends, acquaintances). However, no one seems to successfully come around and run away from the meditation of what is yet to come in our lives with no limits as to whether we envision it 5 minutes from now or 10 years, or whether we believe it to come as affirmative, serendipitous events or devastating mishaps. As for me, I envision myself as a happy and most probably, simple individual who has finished most of the plans he has made and set as his life was slowly expended on each day that passed by.

These plans would not only involve the actual completion of a series of courses I would really love to graduate from, namely, my current course, Chemistry, then through medicine, and hopefully, psychology. It would also involve having to work in a prime organization which pays relatively huge sums of money for some meager job I have to accomplish (childish really), to travel to Japan and settle for a residence there, to build a hospital or a dance studio, and lastly, to help my family back and give my parents, especially, a peaceful and ‘justified’ retirement.

Although I have stated my family last, these plans generally come in an importance based on the convenience of having them completed as soon, simply meaning first come first serve. Those previously stated would actually have to be thought of happening, or at least as I hope for, in the more distant future say beyond 9 or even 10 years from now. For sooner, my plans or prospect of the future would be to acquire a decent paying job early as next year while I continue my studies. I would also learn more on spending time to enhance my abilities such as dancing, wherein I truly am looking forward to becoming part of a crew.

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About 4 to 5 years from now, I also envision myself to become a fully pledged independent citizen of the country, though this may start already as early as next year when I am already turning 18 years of age. Now, I am actually quite focusing on my becoming of age more, because only then will I see (and maybe even actually feel) the paths that will truly be for me and from then purge all of my half-assed plans which I try to pursue but only later realize that I am not truly cut for it.

As much as I want to draft completely a strict and effective plan for a future I shall tread with these steps called the present, the future will remain a mere contemplation of any man living in this very instantaneous moment if all he does is to draft it like this because the future is an ever dynamic entity that lives and breathes out of our own motivations in the instantaneous moments we live on. Well, as hopeful and motivated as my plans sound, I only wish that I will be as aroused later as now so that these and even greater accomplishments can unfold in the near or distant future.

And as muddled and unorganized these thoughts of mine may be, which were only forced articulations of what my plans are for the future, I have only three goals for the future and that is to work for it, then to become as happy, satisfied and free as I want, dream, wish, hope, work, and even need to be and also to share as much of what I will have or feel to as many people around me as I can, or plainly, work, achieve, and share. Simple are the goals of a ripening child like me, yet difficult and complicated are the ways to the acquirement of each desired fruit.

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