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Skeleton for Marge Piercy

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Ashley Zogba November 30, 2010 Skeleton #1 Colors passing through us by Marge Piercy: In the collection of poems, Colors passing through us, Marge Piercy expressed her feelings and her perspection of life through her eyes using references to colors, and other daily life things. "Blue as still water.

Blue as the eyes of a siamese cat. " She expresses her calm and cool feelings through the color blue. She refers to the still water, which symbolizes tranquility, serenity and the state of being at peace. Love is a lumpy thing. " Marge compares love to a lumpy thing. Almost like it has different sides to it. Then she continues on to compare it to cutting onions, fun, and work.

Through her eyes, love has different stages. Love is "lumpy" it has its ups and downs. In bed, we act the grace of dolphins arcing like a wheel, The grace of water falling, from a cliff white and sparkling in a roar of spume. Piercy states that "in bed we act like grace... " then she goes on to that later we eould be ourselves again.

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Skeleton for Marge Piercy

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That means that we are one way but when we get out into the open world we follow society's rules of civilization. "The womb opens on a new beast" Marge piercy describes the world as a womb and a new beast as new opportunities. She uses the arrival of a new child to tie it all in one. In The collections of poems, Colors passing through us, Marge Piercy develops many significances through colors, animals and daily life things to express her feelings and her perspective of life.

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