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Reaction Paper: Always

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It all started with a quite bit of confusion. I thought the film was about the history of Japan or whatever but then as we arrived in the cinema and start watching the movie I got curious why it was like a comedy and a little bit drama kind of movie. The movie was set back on 1958 at the time of the construction of the Tokyo Tower so the screen’s color was brownish (Classic) and the actors and actresses’ dress were classic too. There are two 2 families in this story the Suzuki family and the Chagawa family.

The Suzuki family was more capable than Chakagawa family. To start the story, it is about a teenage girl named Mutsuko arrives in Tokyo to take a job in a major automotive company but finds that she is employed by a small auto repair shop owned by Suzuki. The Suzuki shop lies almost in the shadow of the Tokyo Tower as it rises steadily above the skyline during construction in 1958. Others in the neighborhood also are striving to better themselves as Japan continues to emerge from the shadow of war.

Abandoned by his single mother, young Junnosuke is first handed off to Hiromi but she passes him off to Ryunosuke Chagawa, a struggling writer who only manages to sell adventure stories for boys as his serious novels continue to be rejected.. This two families are sometimes not in good terms but in the end they all became friends when Hiromi give birth to her baby while they’re watching the Olympics. I like the movie so much, actually to be honest it made my cry.

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Especially in the scene of Ryunosuke Chagawa when he knew that his father loves him so much, that his father bought all the episodes of his book. It’s like, for how many years of pain and for how many years that he was mad with his father still, father is a father. And the scene of Junnosuke when he needs to come back home because he forgot the pen the Chagawa gave when he’s still a child. Then I was also amazed in what Japan did in the opening of Olympics in that year. I was like “Wow! Astig! ”.

They made the 5 rings of Olympics’ logo by the jets, the jets were the one who draw it. The movies is very beautiful, simple and fantastic it is about everyday difficulties and joys of people. What I like most in this movie and to conclude it all, I love or like this movie because it was filled with bits of memorable moments that would send you bursting out with laughter while tears are still continuing to fill up your eyes. I promise to recommend this movie to my family, friends and other classmates. One of the best movie I’ve ever watched.

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