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Raymond’s Run

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Tort Cede Bombard Is a heartwarming story about a young girl named Hazel and her little brother with special needs. She realizes that even though her victory is an incredible feat, there are things of much more Importance than winning the 50-yard dash on Held Day. In my opinion, Hazel experiences a coming of age moment when she sees her younger brother running along side her from the other side of the fence, during her signature race.

In that Instant she makes It her goal to coach Raymond to track meet stardom; she realizes that welling means more to him than Just another ribbon added to her collection. "After all, Eve got a roomful of ribbons and medals and awards. But what has Raymond got to call his own? " This quote exemplifies the fact that Hazel is growing tired of taking all the glory and she is starting to recognize Raymond potential. Hazel is able to use her running talents to help improve her brother's running.

In Hazel's eyes it would be more inefficacy for her to use her talents to coach her brother. Helping Raymond increase his confidence and running ability would bring lasting happiness into Hazel's life. "I'm lumping up and down so glad to see him- my brother Raymond, a great runner in the family tradition. " Finally, Hazel learns that sport isn't only about competition but also establishes friendships and creates character. By the end of the story, Hazel has a change of heart and opens up to the idea of Gretchen her competition, being her reined.

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The quote at the end is a perfect representation of how sport can bring two completely different people together by finding something in common, "And she nods to congratulate me and then smiles. And I smile. We stand with this big smile of respect between us. And it's real. " Raymond Run is a powerful story that teaches us that sport goes beyond the aspect of winning. From that single track meet, Hazel learns how to use her talents to benefit others, respect and courage.

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