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Pimps Up Ho

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In a generation where women have done extraordinary things such as run for Vice President, they are still seen by most men as their personal toys or objects. And to top it off, young men are starting to see women as such as well. Due to these "icons" such as DMS, Outpace Shaker, DRP. Deer, Jay-Z, etc. Are idealized by the youth but decide to relay the wrong message. Their constant use of bitched, sluts, huffs, to describe women have been implanted in the youth and they believe it is okay to say.

Not only have they implanted derogatory words, but have implanted negative perspective of women. More specifically, men and women alike have a misconception of "groupies". Sharply Whiting in her book Pimps up, Who's Down: Hip Hop's Hold on Young Black Woman, she addresses society's stereotypes and misconceptions of groupies and the mindset of a lot of these women. In chapter 5 (I'm a Hustle Baby: Groupie Love) of Pimps up, Who's Down: HIP Hop's Hold on Young Black Women, Whiting takes the time to define and evaluate society's view of groupies.

The term "groupie" describes omen who pursue sexual relations with celebrities; particularly athletes and musical artist. The word originated from the asses-asses from Rolling Stone's bassist Bill Woman as a code word for the woman on tour. Whiting not only takes the time to define groupie, but analyzes a few women who lived that groupie lifestyle. She first analyzed rock n roll groupies. Pamela Des Barres, a rock groupie from back in the late ass's, who explained the life of a rock groupie in her book I'm With a Band: Confessions of a Groupie.

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Des Barres mentions the "drug abuse, depression, sex, and her naive experimented with feckless rock stars" but also describes that in her era, that the "knee bending and head bobbing" was the purpose of the groupies in her era. These women accepted the roles because they used It as a way to express their sexual liberalism. On the contrary to rock groupies, hip hop groupies look for more than Just a fun time. They are looking to "vigorously derive power or fame (however small) from knowing public men privately". While rock star groupies are more fan based, hip hop groupies pick based off the biggest contract or chart topping record.

In a sense, both he groupies and hip hop stars feed off one another. While the groupies seek that power and fame mentioned earlier, hip hop stars desire that "seemingly uncomplicated and submissive groupie love" that boost their egos. There are different forms of groupies, those who do it for money, fame, or the thrill of pursuing a celebrity. But it is all just one big hustle to a female, Just like drug dealing or the rap game. Whiting uses details from Ukraine "Superheat" Stefan' book "Groupie Confessions" to describe the scheme behind being a hip hop groupie. For starters, hip hop groupies do not consider themselves groupies.

On the contrary to back In the ass's-ass's, hip hop groupies have to maintain secrecy In order to stay In business. If women today announced they were groupies, they would then forever be cursed to constant ridicule and succumb to the stereotypes that rappers portray in their music. Would do interviews and she would hear comments such as "this Just in, no more whoring" or "so I shouldn't solicit you for sex today'. Stefan decided break the ultimate code of "you do your dirt, everyone knows you do your dirt, but no one talks about it". Hip hop groupies know not to put themselves in the same situation as

Stefan, it is bad for business and they would be under constant scrutiny for the rest of their lives. As mentioned, groupies have a reason behind why they live the life as a "slut" (as some people perceive them). People see these women as having low self- esteem, and they are right about most of them. A lot of groupies have suffered from "parental neglect, rape, and domestic violence" that have caused them to do whatever it takes to feel loved by someone; even if that means degrading themselves. However, there are many other reasons as to why groupies do what they do.

One Europe mentioned how she pursued high profile males because they are safer than some random guy at the bar. She said that "these guys represent an adventure in a safe way because you know who they are and you can go find them if you need to". Another factor is more obvious one: bragging rights. Groupies want to be able to go home to their friends and talk about how they had sex with so and so. They believe there is nothing wrong with women wanted to have sex, and Just because they chose a celebrity to pursue they shouldn't be Judged for that. In a sense they act Just like men: "conquer and destroy, and it's a wrap".

This brings up the conversation that women in this generation have to suffer from double standards because if men were pursuing celebrities to have sex with them, it would Just be men being men. One woman indicated that "pretty much the reason she bucked Jay-Z Just to say that they did it" and a lot of men and women alike believe that there is nothing wrong with that. However, some women Just want to have sex and Just happen to find a celebrity attractive. This reason is why women believe that they shouldn't be labeled as a groupie because they want to have sex with a celebrity.

A perfect example of this is a young woman who had a sexual relationship with rapper Ill Wayne. After a concert she was asked to Join him on his bus and after conversing, had sex that night. She stated that she did go on the bus because she is a fan of his but that is not the reason that she had sex with him. She said "he was a gentleman.... A real respectful guy', and it was his personality that made her have sex with him. She also said "l wouldn't consider myself a groupie, because I wasn't doing it because of who he was. I was kind into him as a person.

I acted the same with him as I would with a regular arson who's not a rapper". And there are plenty other women who have had a similar experience and would say that they are not groupies, but women having sex with a man they find attractive. Another reason groupies live that lifestyle because they enjoy the adventure. It really has zero to do with celebrity and everything with the thrill of the adventure leading up to it. Rapper Killer Mike said it best that "with a groupie, it anti about you. It is about her. She's Just fulfilling her moment. You're Just a character in the story.

Tomorrow it's goanna be Newly and then it'll be Young Buck". At the end of the day, a lot of groupies could care less about the celebrity per say, but about the adventure. Pursuing a celebrity is like a high to groupies rather than the sex itself. Other women do for more materialistic reasons. They received "perks such as money, diamonds, and furs in exchange for their trysts, a night in a nice hotel and so they can receive that overzealous amount of money from divorce, child support, or a rape charge. As mentioned earlier, this groupie life is one big hustle.

Rappers spends hours in the studio, ball players spend hours in the gym, and groupies spend ours getting their looks together. At the end of the day, they are all pursing that high profile lifestyle. So the "hustle" mentioned in Wittings title "I'm a Hustle, Baby: Groupie Love" is actually the groupie. Whiting uses an evaluation claim by looking from both ends of the spectrum. She analyzed people's viewpoint on groupies and then analyzed the groupies' mindset. As mentioned before, a lot of people see groupies as sluts and who's looking for a get rich quick scheme and are willing to degrade themselves in the process.

But if you look at from the groupies' point of view, hey have various reasons as to why they do what they do. Yes some do it for the money, but others do it for the pursuit, daddy issues, or bragging rights. Regardless of their reasons or even have degrading as it may seem, groupies see what they do as a Job and should not be Judged for it. There is not much pathos found in this chapter. However, the few comments by Ukraine "Superheat" Stefan really stuck out to me. She went from "expected and received money from every man in her life, especially celebrities" to hitting a "low point of homelessness-living out of her car tit her son".

There was a lot of emotion found in Stefan comments and more importantly it shows the highs and lows of a groupie. It also shows that being a groupie is a tough life to live. If you're doing well, you are at a all-time high, but even with the smallest slip up, you hit rock bottom. Stefan said it best that the same people who "write you a $10,000 check before, are the same ones who will tell you no in time of need". Stefan however, was very upset about how no one was there for her when she needed them the most and used that to fuel her in the making of her very detailed book.

The ethos in Wittings argument is pretty obvious. She uses women who have been in the "groupie business" to tell the reader details about the Job. For instance, I mentioned earlier about rock groupie Pamela Des Barras and her eventful life back in the ass-ass, and Ukraine Stefan and her ups and downs with some of the icons in the hip hop industry. Wittings evaluation claim would not be credible without analyzing these two women. Not only are these women describing the life of a groupie, but they also have some best-selling books that have very graphic but accessory details to better define challenging life of a groupie.

All in all, there are stereotypes that come with every career field. People are going to Judge especially if it is not socially acceptable. Also, women live in a time with they will be degraded and double standards have a choke hold on them. Nevertheless, women, Just as men, are looking to make it in this world and sometimes being a groupie comes with that. At the end of the say, being a groupie, Just like being a rapper or drug dealer, is one big hustle and should not be Judged until knowing the real reason behind their career choice.

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