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SWOT Analysis of Suede's Weyerhaeuser


Good educational background with a Bachelor's Degree in Management with a good GAP, and the AIL Qualification with a sound Z score.

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Good work experience in a related field - Interning at a financial institution for more than 6 months Somewhat sufficient knowledge on the financial industry

Good extracurricular and co-curricular activities performed at school level Ability to communicate efficiently and effectively

Proficiency in English and Kinshasa both written and oral

Proficiency in MS Office - Word, Excel, Powering

Ability to take initiative and proven track record of instances where the initiative nature was demonstrated

Ability to get along with any kind of people

Ability to work in teams and ability to work in isolation

High competitiveness

Never having exceeded any deadline given on any operation


Do not possess a professional qualification along with the Bachelor's Degree to increase the competitive edge.

Absence of a sound

Financial background that is a necessity for the financial industry

Moderate emotional intelligence - moderate/low anger management ability

Inability to multi-task with high efficiency

Lack of sports activities/experience beyond school level, which could have been able to provide a competitive edge


With the expansion of global financial market, creation of more

Job opportunities

Increase in the non-banking financial institutes Increase in the area coverage of financial industries and the increase in the number of financial products availability making it possible to improve the possibility of specialization and diversification which leads to higher Job creation

The higher recognition of the competencies of the Junior workforces within the financial sector

Government policies for rapid expansion of the economy creating positive effects on the debt and interest sectors.

Increase in the availability of professional qualifications and the teaching centers of which, making it possible to achieve financial qualifications within a matter of 2 years or less.

Increase in the level of institutions providing Post-Graduate Degrees making it possible to pursue further knowledge and qualifications personal SWOT By shuddered

With the growth of the sector, so many people are considering employment in the uncial sector

Ample amount of Graduates put out through local/international universities every quarter.

Government policies for rapid expansion of the economy creating negative effects on the debt and interest sectors.

Increase in the first-Job employees who have both Bachelors and Masters degrees due to the increase in competition for good Jobs

Very high competition in being selected for a management trainee program amongst other more-qualified applicants - possibly with Bachelor's degrees as well as Master's or professional qualifications.

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