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Para sa Hopeless Romantic

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“Para sa Hopeless Romantic” by Marcelo Santos III, published in February 14th 2013 by Lifebooks, is a novel composed of 5 love stories of people who embark on a romantic search of their own happy ending. There are Rebecca, Nikko, Ryan, Maria and Jackie. Each one has their own love story to tell. One character is afraid to love again; the other is hoping to find love. Another character is trying to forget while the other one is longing to reunite with a former flame. Santos’ characters seem real, and their experiences taken from real life.

Becca is a 3rd year student in PUP as well as Nikko and other characters like Jackie and RJ, and Sir Matt who is Becca’s boss. He made Becca and Nikko like typical college students that have relationship and quarrels. Jackie was made a happy girl, who likes handsome guys like RJ, who likes beautiful ladies on the other hand, a chickboy. Santos made his characters simple and real. Heart-tugging, passionate, and romantic, anyone will fall in love with the stories “Bag at Folder”, “Upuan”, “Jeepney”, “Dota vs Girlfriend”, and “Katol.”

The characters are so relatable particularly to teenagers nowadays. This book may not come in series, but there are rumors that there is another book in the works and maybe an upcoming movie version too. The author, Marcelo Santos III – a beginner in his career, used to be just a blogger but now he’s a short film director, a writer, and a would-be Bestselling author. He graduated at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 2011. He got famous for his work, LSOV or Love Story on Video, which spread viral on Youtube that made his career go wider in the internet world.

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Santos’ goal in writing this novel is to bring inspiration to people experiencing the same problem as those to the characters in the book, to motivate people who are likely to give up to their problems. He also wants to be noticed by the public, to be more famous, and to make more novels people can relate to nowadays. I’m sure that a lot of people will enjoy reading this book, a lot of teenagers can relate to the characters and to the problems of each character experience in the story, especially issues when it comes to the matter of the heart. Many readers may anticipate for the next book and the movie rumors.

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