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My Two Cities Final

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Africa, which is a third world country. Therefore, Livingston is less technologically advanced and there is a lot more poverty. Although it may not seem the greatest being in a third world country, Livingston definitely has some great perks. For example, it has Victoria Falls, which is one of the seven great natural wonders of the world. You can also go on local safaris there and see animals up close such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, hippos and so on. Orlando, has Walt Disney World, one Of the biggest theme parks in the world.

It also has many other theme parks such as universal and Pepco and a lot of other tourist attractions. Another great thing about Orlando is that it is only about an hour drive away from the beach, where as Livingston is surrounded by other countries so there are no beaches close by. Orlando has a downtown, where there are a lot of sky scrapers and a mix of everything such as big corporations, restaurants, parks, and a nightlife scene. In Livingston, there is no downtown or sky scrapers, but there is the area called "town", which is where all the local businesses are located.

Livingston is a very small city, therefore everything is about a five to ten minute drive away and every day the local businesses close around five in the evening. Everyone there lives a pretty slow-paced lifestyle. Orlando, on the other hand, is a very big city, where it can take up to half an hour or forty-five minutes to reach a specific destination and some businesses can be open up to ten or eleven at night. It may not be such a rushed lifestyle, but it is definitely faster paced than Livingston.

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My Two Cities Final

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Despite their differences, these cities can also be pretty similar. Starting off with the weather, although there are both on opposite ends of the equator, the weather is pretty similar with hot summers, rainy seasons, and no-snow winters. Another similarity is that both cities also have soccer teams, Livingston has a team called The Copper Bullets and Orlando has a new and upcoming team called Orlando City Soccer. They both also have reptile farms, Orlando has Coastland and Livingston has The Crocodile Farm, which were both my favorite places to go to as a child.

Something new in Livingston is a all that they have built and also a new movie theater with comfortable seating and showings of 3-D movies, which of course Orlando has a couple of malls and movie theaters. Livingston may not have a big nightlife scene, but they do have couple of lounges and bars that are similar to Orlando nightlife. For example, there is a martini bar called Rhapsody's which is really similar to the Blue Martini in Orlando. The last similarity between the two is the transport systems. Most people drive cars, but there are also public buses and taxis which people rarely use.

Livingston is an up and coming city, bringing in just as much tourism because of Victoria Falls as Orlando does from the theme parks, pretty soon there will be a lot more similarities between the two cities. For me, these two cities are my home. I believe they represent the best of both worlds for me. They are both very unique and also filled with fun stuff to do. Orlando is a busy life for me and Livingston is slow and more relaxed. I go back and forth between the two cities often and they keep me pretty balanced between their differences and similarities.

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