Minor setback for a major comeback

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All of my family members and friends are counting on me that I will make It that far, all the supporters that eave cheered me on since I could remember. Making my family proud has always been a goal of mines and to make them happy Is my goal. Taking a deep breath, I try to relax as I begin with testing. It felt Like some of the longest hours of my life, and over thinking really affected me hard. Being careful on each question I found myself going pretty quickly, and surprisingly ended faster than I thought.

I walked out with heavy confidence that I would pass. Weeks went by and I finally received my test scores. I received a 1270 and wasn't too happy about it, but I was glad that I improved by 50 points since the last time aging the test. I didn't think anything of it until during the beginning of summer my mother told me that I would have to take a summer course for also not doing so well on my placement test. At this point I am feeling stressed out and wondering if will still even be able to attend college.

My head was filled with thoughts that I would be taking some tough courses and struggle with Juggling school and volleyball. I just wanted to succeed in everything that I did. The classes were long and dreadful, and with hopes of having a fun filled summer with no worries at all, there I was taking not only a math class but an English class as well. "What have I gotten myself into" are the words that replayed in my head each day. My confidence was in the dumps. I had at least two classes each week, rushing from volleyball each time.

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I could hang out with family or friends but not for long, this truly sucked. It was clear that I didn't belong in there because I did very well. Although, in my math class, we took a test in the end that determined if we were to be placed in either a Math 98 or Math 99 course, and again, I did not pass yet another important test. Feeling even more dressed I eventually found the positive In everything. I told myself that I could only move on from there and make things better, that If I wanted to succeed as bad as I wanted to then I would put forth the effort Into doing so.

After all of the chaos and hardships It was time to move Into my dorm! The excitement of college was In the air, leaving my house to be on my own gave me a sense of Independence and freedom. My roommates are my team mates which I was very excited about because we could bond and become closer. Meeting so many people from all over the world made me even more anxious for what the year has In tore for me. Double days kicked our butts, waking up at 6 AM to get ready and be to practice thirty minutes early to set up and get our gear on was rough at first.

Practicing from 7-10, eating lunch at 1 1 :30, going back to the gym for the last session 1-4 followed by dinner at 5. It was tough to adjust to in the beginning but it slowly made me anxious for our upcoming season. I wanted to work my butt off and show everyone that I could handle it all. Volleyball has been my passion ever since I was 8 years old and I have been waiting for this opportunity nearly all of my life. To play at he collegiate level and compete against teams from all over and ultimately show what I am made of.

I cannot get enough of this game! Something that has given me a harder drive is the fact that I am the first in my family to attend college straight out of high school as an athlete. This accomplishment has all of my family supporting and depending on me to do the right things and get through these next four years successfully. As I am sitting in my dorm room I receive a call, and when I look down its my Mom. She starts with asking me how I'm doing and begins to get into news that changes everything.

I fall into my chair when she explains how this year I might not be participating on the court, and that a situation has caused me to possibly redstart. Tears fall down my eyes and I am immediately shocked and don't know how to react. My SAT score was too short of points in my math section and the academic counselors are now realizing it. How stupid I thought, how hard is it to check if everything is all right with my academics, to make sure that I am eligible. I think about how much harder I could've studied, the long nights where my parents would ask me to get my work done.

The school days where we had SAT prep and the times where I really focused on passing the SAT. I begin to think about my uncle and how he brought me up into the sport. My family, friends and supporters all were anxious to watch me participate this year and for me to have to think that I have to red shirt now began to cause a lot of tension. This situation has showed me that nothing is ever guaranteed, and the SAT has become my biggest downfall as a student. It has affected me and in the long run I am being held accountable for it. I have nobody else but to blame but myself.

On a costive note, I am still allowed to practice with the team but not allowed to travel. I will be on the sidelines cheering my team members on and have faith that they will do great things this year. My academics are now a first priority but volleyball is still in the picture. This a blessing in disguise because now I have an opportunity to work on myself and be even more prepared for next year. My scholarship is still going and I am still receiving a free education which I am beyond thankful for. Next year I will be at my best and I will be ready to dominate at the collegiate level.

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