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Medicare Impact on the Health Care System

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There are two common procedures done on the digestive system. These procedures are the lap band and gastric bypass surgery. These procedures are to help people achieve weight loss. There are millions of people who have gotten these procedures done throughout the United States. However, the results are not always what you expect. Gastric bypass surgery is used to help treat obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and a number of other illnesses. From my research I have found that 15% percent of patients suffer complications and 0. % has died within six months of surgery due to complications. Mortality is a danger of gastric bypass. Anastomotic leakage, the leakage from the surgical connection between the stomach and the bowel, can occur. If it is a minor leak, it can be treated by antibiotics. However, if the leakage is severe, an additional surgery to stop the leak will be needed. Anastomotic stricture can also occur. While your anastomosis heals, a scar tissue forms. It naturally shrinks over time.

The food passing through keeps it stretched. Sometimes it shrinks so much that a gastroendoscope needs to be performed to stretch it back out This may need to be done numerous times before its corrected. The lap band is used to treat similar illnesses as the gastric bypass does. This procedure also comes with risk. Erosion of the lap band can occur causing it to migrate through the stomach wall. It can cause severe problems such as leakage and bleeding. Urgent treatment is needed if this happens.

Slipping of the band can happen as well. This causes the lower part of the stomach to prolapse through the band causing an enlarged upper pouch. This can in some cases cause obstruction and need immediate surgery to correct. The lap band and gastric bypass surgeries sound real good to obese people who want to lose weight fast. My advice is to research every option and weigh out the pros and cons. No minor flaw with your body is worth running the risk of these dangers happening to you,

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