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Lou Holtz Convocation

Chase Wells Dr. Donald A. Hoy BA 198 B 2 September 2012 Lou Holtz a Convocation to Remember Lou Holtz: motivational speaker, hall of fame football coach, magician, devout Catholic, and Benedictine supporter.

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This last week I was blessed with the chance to hear him speak. His speech was based on the idea that by following three rules, you can live a just life with no regrets. Throughout the speech Holtz cracked joke after joke, keeping it constantly interesting.

At one point, he even shocked the crowd with a very impressive magic trick. By combining an excellent message with humor, and magic he had the entire crowd’s attention for the full duration of his speech. Holtz’s three rules were: do the right thing, do your best, and show people you care. The three rules seem easy enough to follow, and the motivation to go along with them has inspired me to follow them. Lou was truly passionate about what he preached. He clearly contributed much of his success to these rules.

Through stories of life experience Holtz persuaded, and motivated the crowd. I think every person in the gymnasium left with the knowledge to improve themselves as a person, and the motivation to perhaps do it. Lou Holtz is truly an extraordinary person. He’s a 5’9’’ man that talks with a lisp, and role model for thousands. That in itself is impressive. Not to mention his excellent track record as a football coach, New York Times best selling books, Motivational speaking accomplishments, and more.

His life long mission of making not only decisions he can live with, but the right ones has cast him into success. Having never been one to watch college sports I walked into the convocation with little knowledge of who Lou Holtz was, and low expectations for his speech. I walked out stunned, surprised, and impressed. Lou Holtz is an amazing person. His speech gave me knowledge, and motivation to improve my life, and for that I am grateful.