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Life Story Critique Essay

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It has also been described as a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both. An example is a complete online degree program organized by an institution where sstudents take their classes, assignments, quizzes and exams online and at the end, are given their certificates for participation. Another example is when the teachers pass information to their sstudents using a form of live feed (audio/3D) whereas the teacher is at home or somewhere else but is broadcasting lecture to sstudents at his/her own comfort.

Another good example is an online system where the sstudents can go back to after classes and check for class notes, take assignments, have one-on-one chat with their lecturers, and get better understanding on topics that were taught in class and not understood. This project would focus on the latter example. Scope This project would focus on two (2) Departments in Babcock University which has been chosen as a case study in order to give a very accurate, efficient, and detailed project.

The reason for choosing two (2) departments only is to avoid a wide project which would require more energy, resources and a lot of time. The chosen departments are: * Computer Science Computer Science Computer Information Systems Computer Technology * Agricultural Science This project will help build an interface where sstudents of the chosen departments can refer to after class to gain better understanding of certain courses learnt and also talk one on one with their respective lecturers. Statement of Problem

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Life Story Critique Essay

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The major reason for the creation of this project are sstudents with slow assimilation, this interface would help with materials with which they can use to get better understanding after physical classes. It will also serve as an interface for shy sstudents to ask their respective lecturers questions using the chat application. Also, sstudents sometimes need a place to refer to for study materials to prepare for exams, tests, or can even be used to pass information to sstudents in a particular class.

While researching ssimilar applications, some examples showed that the implementation allowed for only sstudents to register. This way some questions asked by the sstudents are still not answered because of poor or no interaction at all. Some questions are best answered than read, after implementation, this project would help solve this and provide the sstudents with the necessary attention of their lecturers. Objectives

The objectives of this project which is to design and implement a web based distance application for increased learning is: * To basically solve sstudents learning problems, in terms of comfort, efficiency and understanding * To bridge the gap between sstudents and lecturers using a form of chat system * To enable sstudents view educational resources such as notes, textbooks, past questions to increase their basic understanding of courses offered at different levels Audience In this case the audience would be the sstudents, lecturers of the particular departments chosen.

Also visitors can visit the homepage, have a short tour and read on the about us. ANALYSIS Methods of Information Gathering One on one interview would be conducted with the people involved. Ssimilar applications will be checked out, in order to pick up past mistakes, ways to correct this would be researched and also ways to add some important features that might have been left out. Also the selected departments would be checked out thoroughly to know the lecturers under them, what each lecturer teaches, and also know how the departments operate for accurate presentations.

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